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Yarcort gives you access to a habit-changing program that can fast-forward you to your ideal life within hours--not years.

With over 30 years of experience, Gina Yarrish is an Accelerator Coach who blends life coaching, psychology, and equine assisted learning principles in her proprietary programs to help business professionals and individuals move forward in ways they never experienced before.

The Yarcort Secret: Focus Forward Technique™

Utilizing a Focus Forward Technique™ and accelerator coaching, Gina has helped thousands of people move through and beyond their stuck boundaries, limited possibilities and unseen issues that inhibit personal growth.

In addition to Focus Forward, Gina uses her deep experience with Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) to awaken what’s really going on in your everyday activities and reflect to you the habits, mindsets, and roadblocks you’ll need to change. The language of the horse is universal because it’s intuitive. This groundbreaking method of communication opens new understanding and clarity for who you are deep down versus who you want to be.

Whether studying with Gina online or in person, the principles of equine assisted learning and the secrets of what horses can show is critical in all our programs to help you unlock your success.

The Yarcort Approach: Groundbreaking Experiential Learning

Whether in the arena with our horses on our beautiful Yarcort facilities in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, or working with Gina from the comfort of your laptop across the country, our philosophy is the same: “How we do one thing is how we do everything.”

But what does this mean?

With each transformational shift you make within yourself, it has a ripple effect: from your personal life to the office, from home to traveling, from romantic partners and friends to children and colleagues. You cannot separate these and “fix” one at a time with a superficial solution like a book or a pill. By making the bigger shift within, you’ll experience a simultaneous positive effect on all areas.

Experiential learning--the act of doing through new experiences--is the key to unlock this deeper transformation.

The Yarcort Facility: Experience Profound, Deep Change Within

At Yarcort’s facilities, lovingly known by our clients as YarCorte Acres, a team of eight equine partners/co-facilitators, all of whom Gina trained using Natural Horsemanship principles of horse and human behavior, are ready to assist you and/or your team for deep personal and professional growth.

The facility provides a safe, enjoyable, productive environment that inspires and encourages a great relationship between human and horse. It is a well-equipped, year-round facility with a large heated indoor arena, two heated classrooms, an 8‑stall barn, outside arena, and playground, on over 150 idyllic acres. In addition, it is state-approved handicap accessible.

Gina and her team offer Accelerate Your Business 3-Day VIP Retreats, 12‑Week Live Harness Your Potential trainings, and customized Personal Coaching sessions on site at Yarcort Facility.

Gina Yarrish had a dream life: a successful real estate business, a loving husband and a wonderful family. But suddenly at the young age of 35, she was wheeled into the hospital for a heart cauterization. Life wasn’t a dream anymore, but a nightmare that was running her over. Gina wasn’t running her life, it was running her. In the hospital, Gina had time to realize she wanted the dream life: debt-free, a loving family, vacations around the world, and time to breathe and love what she created. She needed peace.

When Gina met a horse named Zeus, the answers she didn’t know she was looking for suddenly emerged. She learned to be mentally in the moment and present, to be still and listen, to love herself, to go after what she loved, and to be happy within.

In her bestselling book, Gina reveals the easy-to-follow steps to discover your own Purpose, Power and Peace. Life doesn't have to spin out of control, you can learn to harness and design the lifestyle you want to attract.
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