Why is Gina different: Use of non verbal activities that quiets talking and opens the mind! She Specializes in Unconventional Speaking which taps into the limbic part of the brain and the neocortex through interactive and experiential activities that activates new thinking, new awareness and new you!

Results from working with Gina: Refocus and Realign values of what’s important that drives work/life balance with themselves and team and where happiness is found. Cohesiveness & Leaderships.

Why Hire Gina 


Your attendees feel that instant connection. Gina is a master of content, not just a storyteller You will feel at ease knowing Gina is center stage.


Gina will WOW the crowd from the stage with her gift for interaction and driving a point to solidify a message for an immediate mind-shift.


Gina is real, bold, and says it like it is. Her humor will make an immediate connection with your audience.


Your attendees will enjoy Gina’s one of a kind innovative and unusual approach to delivering presentations.


Gina brings decades of business success and leadership development. Her credentials and experience define the future of business.


Your attendees will quickly master what they can do next to live life to the fullest and have the ultimate work/life balance. 


Gina shares from a life of living Fast & Furious to Passion & Love and harnessing the power of our entrepreneurial mind. 

Gina’s Most Requested and most powerful Keynote:

THE ENTREPRENEURS’ From Fast & Furious to Passion & Love

Harness your purpose, power, & peace and discover the leader within your own life. As an entrepreneur, your time and personal life are under constant attack. The risks and sacrifices involved in the entrepreneurial journey can lead to extreme thinking, poor choices, and a life spin out of control. Entrepreneurs are caught in a tug of war between working nonstop and watching time slip through our fingers. As an entrepreneur, wife, and daughter of entrepreneurs, Gina understands firsthand how to navigate the entrepreneurial lifestyle for success. In this presentation, Gina will take you through her eye-opening and life-threatening experience to her ground-breaking strategies for finding personal and professional success and enriching your life in every way.


  • Design a life that will help you reach your potential
  • Identify the blurred boundaries that are getting in your way
  • Get “unstuck” and achieve the ultimate work/life balance
  • Work smarter with purpose, power & peace 
  • Harness the power of your entrepreneurial mind
  • Live life from Fast & Furious to Passion & Love 


Remake Your Future: The Simple Solution to Stress and Anxiety.

Half Day Workshop


Full Day Workshop

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