Regulate Stress & Anxiety

Gina often hears people mention that their mind is constantly racing. They tend to talk themselves out of doing things, which leaves them feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life. These experiences can accumulate, and eventually lead to debilitating stress and anxiety. In many cases, they can negatively affect an individual’s physical health and overall well-being.

Stress and anxiety impact millions around the world. Entrepreneurs, in particular, often struggle with chronic stress due to the risky nature of the business. The conflict that they experience frequently comes from a fear of failure or losing financial stability. Many people will try to relieve themselves from the effects of stress and anxiety with temporary fixes, such as self-medication or prescription drugs.

These natural responses from the body may skyrocket to a level that can severely cripple a person and cause them to feel powerless. This feeling of powerlessness can make it seem impossible to improve your current situation. Gina’s own battle with stress and anxiety inspires her to help others realize that it is possible to make a permanent change.

Begin a new, life-changing journey by registering for our workshop in learning how to Regulate Stress & Anxiety. This 3-Day retreat combines Gina’s groundbreaking Focus Forward Technique™ and interactive coaching with our Equine partners. Focus Forward guides clients toward personal and professional growth, without being weighed down by the effects of stress and anxiety. We guarantee that this workshop not only allows you to feel more at peace with your thoughts. It also provides you with even more insight, so that you’re able to determine what works best for you and for your business.

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