Mastering Sales From the Inside Out.

The Virtual Mastermind Series for Financial Brokers, and Insurance Producers, Agents who are committed to 100% and know that to scale any business you must scale yourself. If you want to uplevel your way of living, learn an innovative approach to quickly closing more sales and have work life balance then this is for you. 

You know this is not for you if you’re ignorant to growth, think you have it figured out and are happy where you are. 

Get Access To This High Powered Virtual Training And Mastermind Course in Sales, Leadership, and Work Life Balance.

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Who Is This Course For:

  • Are you an insurance sales broker or agent who least likes cold calling or initial conversation for fear of not making a sale? 
  • Do you find yourself buried under paperwork instead of generating new leads?
  • If you were to think about where you were last year, are you in the same place today? (Financially/relationships/health) 
  • Do you often wonder why you’re working so hard killing yourself & don’t have what others have?

The Focus Forward Technique TM is a 6 month 12 session course that heightens your level of awareness, while reconditioning your thoughts and desires. This course will help you to reprogram your thinking to aim higher, achieve more, and enjoy life along the way.

Most people operate from a default state of mind or survival mode. They go through the days, weeks, months, and even years in a hypnotic state completely unaware of the affects their current mindset is having on their life. People’s past experiences, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs are all reasons behind why we need to operate this way. This negative mindset causes us to repeat what isn’t working and feel STUCK and HELPLESS.

In order to become more, have more and be more (authentic) we need to change the way we think. The Focus Forward Technique TM is designed to do just that.


  1. How to recondition your thinking to build emotional resilience (positive mind).
  2. Learn how to weed out to find the quality clients that become raving fans.
  3. Learn how to minimize stress & Increase revenue driving productivity.
  4. Create an abundant wealth positive mindset
  5. How to reverse engineer your goals that you can reach.
  6. Learn how to close clients easily and effortlessly.
  7. How to balance life so you’re happy from the inside out. The family will love it! 

You Will GET

  1. 12 “ LIVE” Sessions Building lifelong friendships
  2. All Materials & Resources that can be used and will be used over and over. 
  3. “Live” Q & A with Expert Coach and Motivator, Gina Yarrish.. Gain 
  4. Clarity and Direction by verbalizing thoughts.
  5. Opportunity for Hot-seat
  6. Support that knows where you’re at and can help you scale and grow your business & balance life.


  1. Confident, Dynamic Person
  2. Emotionally resilient and positive 
  3. Build a system that is productive and income driving. 
  4. Happy, for happiness comes from within. 
  5. More Consciously Aware of being the BEST VERSION of Yourself!