Heart Centered Sales

Heart Centered Sales Retreat


Do you struggle to get qualified leads? Is initiating conversation or closing cause you fear and anxiety? No worries. Heart Center Sales is the solution. THREE DAY In-Person Retreat at our facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  

What makes us different is that we use horses (no riding) to coach our clients. The modality is known as horse-assisted coaching and is

100% guaranteed positive change. 

Over those three days and 12 objective sessions with horses, you will work with us to build emotional strength that gives you the confidence to hit your personal and professional income goals. 

Develop your custom and unique pitch that attracts leads and referrals. 

How to network and get results. 

How to work less and earn more with your Ideal Audience.  

Initiating conversation and closing makes selling easy, fun, and lucrative. 

Develop your custom strategic plan on working less and earning more, etc. 

Positive training on conditioning conversation between your ears will reinforce success. 

Learn the process of how to take any challenge and problem and pull yourself forward.

The clarity in your offer so others see your value in easy-to-get clients and referrals. 

Experiential work on building emotional strength that produces a confident woman/man

Using Yarcort’s innovative and dynamic approach to coaching through horse-assisted learning will teach, empower, and guide participants through various business-building activities, discussions, and presentations that produce your clarity confidence. The mindset needed to catapult attendees towards the success they never dreamed possible.

Yarcort is a state-of-the-art coaching & transformation facility specializing in working with professional sales agents to up-level life, double income, and live life on purpose and with meaning.

For more information, you can contact our performance officer for additional questions at [email protected]

Once registered all payments are non-refundable.

Workshop Dates for 2022:

January 31-February 2

March 25 -27

April 25 -27

June 6-8

August 1-3