Heart Centered Sales

Sales professionals who want to attract more qualified leads and close more clients are invited to attend a three-day business retreat at the Yarcort ranch, 3239 Pennay Hill Road in Kingsley, PA.

Accelerator coach and best-selling author Gina Yarrish will be sharing her years of experience in how to attract qualified leads and sell from the heart – a technique proven to propel sales agents and service providers into positive growth both personally and in their career.

Using Yarcort’s innovative and dynamic approach to coaching through horse-assisted learning, Gina, founder and CEO of Yarcort, will teach, empower, and guide participants through a variety of business-building activities, discussions, and presentations that will bring clarity, confidence and the mindset needed to catapult attendees towards success they never dreamed possible.

Topics of discussion will include how beliefs could be self-sabotaging your sales and ability to attract qualified leads and how to recondition your thoughts that will accelerator growth; how to sell from the heart & be authentic; how to generate quality leads; how to use social media to attract clients; and how to generate a steady cash flow.

Those interested in attending can Sign up Here.

Yarcort is a state-of-the-art coaching & transformation facility that specializes in working with professional sales agents to up level life, double income, and live life on purpose and with meaning.

For more information you can contact our performance officer for additional questions at [email protected]

2022 Workshop Dates:

January 31-February 2; April 4-6; June 6-8; August 1-3

3239 Pennay Hill Road Kingsley PA 18826

To sign up for event check out here https://buy.stripe.com/3cs8ydbNZ2UGe6QaEE