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3 Day Empower Workshop June 27th, 2020

Solution to Stress for Women 

Have you asked yourself what is stress costing you professionally and personally? 

How long have you suffered with stress? 

 Did you know if you ignore stress it will lead to illness, lack of productivity, financial problems, and even losses (divorce, love one, job, moving,etc.) 

What’s worse, the hamster wheel of life that becomes the emotional roller coaster, loneliness, lifeless and empty. . BE AWARE ~Chronic Stress leads to disease and death. 

How much time, relationships and financially has it cost you to have stress? 

Are you ready to eliminate it? If so read on. If not, then this isn't for you. I will be praying for you.  


Solution to eliminating stress starts with cognitive skills like big picture thinking and long-term visions that are important but knowing how to: # Focus Forward Technique

-Think in the direction of what you want. 

-Regulating thoughts and emotions to pull you forward.

-Speaking, communicating, showing what you need.

-Set boundaries to eliminate distractions 

-Have the confidence to follow through.

Along with “Experiential Learning” 

Experiential learning is in the “doing”. But where can you have an “experience” in a safe environment without being judged. With me, Gina Yarrish at Yarcort. An experiential learning center that uses the Focus Forward Technique. 

Benefits: Women building stronger characters, stand taller, communicate effectively that leads to quality relationships, more productivity, higher results and huge gratification. Simple terms you gain confidence, clarity, self esteem and clearly understand the importance of boundaries and how to use them.


I believe women leaders know first and foremost they MUST work on their own self development and emotional strength. Being consciously self-aware of how their own thoughts, body actions, and attitude cause others to react or respond that gets them the results of being a great leader. 

Women Leaders need support that can drive outstanding and effective performance while keeping aligned and balanced with emotional strength both personally & professional.  You can have the best of education, knowledge, resources, smart ideas, and training but it doesn’t make a great leader. In fact, without emotional strengths, it wreaks havoc mentally, and will diminish your health, career, finances and family.

If you’ve read this far then you know how valuable your life is and how it's probably already cost you $100,000 of dollars.What if i told you the cost to solve it and eliminate it way less.


3 Day EVENT  

Cost: $997.00 

Includes 3 day workshops, all material, catered breakfast and lunches 

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3 Day Empower Workshop June 27th, 2020