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What Happens In The Shower

The image shows a horse being showered off.

The shower is one of the few places where you get to be truly alone with yourself. What do you do with that time? For many, it is a time to think, imagine, and see your dreams without anyone else intruding. For others, it’s a time that ideas pop into your head. It is the… Read more »

Is Money Driving Your Stress?

The image shows a girl sitting in the middle of a road on a wooden stool. She is holding a map, and beside her is a white suitcase with a globe of the world sitting on top.

I went through most of my life having success and money, but still stressing. Addictions come in all different ways and not just by sex, alcohol, smoking cigarettes or using drugs. There are other addictions like cell phones, sugar, exercising and over-working. Behavioral addictions are not easy, and I sympathize with those who have them.… Read more »

Changing Your Way Of Thinking With Equine-Assisted Learning

The image shows the word "breathe" written in neon pink, surrounded by a wall of green leaves.

Recreational marijuana use has increased significantly in recent years. Perhaps, this comes from a desire to “get high” for fun. However, what if the increase in marijuana use could be attributed to stress? The increase in stress As people grow, their responsibilities increase. This results in the appearance of new stressors and a decrease in… Read more »

Horses and the Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory

Woman riding horse with two dogs walking beside

Have you ever asked yourself: Who am I; Why am I the way that I am; What do I really want in life? If so, then you have made a self-inquiry— turning your attention and curiosity inward, toward yourself and toward the truth of your nature. When we ask ourselves these questions, we are beginning… Read more »

Horses, Humans and the Alexander Technique

Woman riding a horse

What is the Alexander Technique? In its simplest definition— moving without tension in your body. This technique is not medical treatment, nor is it a form of exercise. Instead, it is a retraining of the brain to use only the effort truly needed to perform activities. It can improve freedom of motion, balance, and coordination.… Read more »