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Looking Outward for Your Inward Happiness?

Most women will say to me, “I just want to be happy,” Why doesn’t anyone understand me? If they only understood, where I was at. I have so many things to do. I take care of the kids, make the lunches, do the shopping, cooking, laundry, clean the house, and I work. I just want… Read more »

Release the Past and Reclaim Your Life

  So many times we will let the circumstances of our past judge our future. We even hold on to them, talk about them, repeat them, and reference them continually. We are just reinventing the wheel over and over again instead of moving forward. You have no one to blame for this but yourself. I… Read more »

Mind Antivirus

“What Does Negative Thoughts Do to Our Bodies”   Let’s consider for a moment. Our mind is not just a part of our head and brain, but the entire body. For some reason, people don’t connect with the concept.  We know the head is on top of the shoulders but have no idea how the… Read more »

Four Steps to Activating Your Abundance

Such  a  special time of year. Thinking about what our accomplishments are and the things we haven’t finished or done yet.  Have you noticed that the one thing you always say your going to do, you haven’t  done?  Do you realize  that if you make the commitment to do it, as hard as  you  think… Read more »