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Why Entrepreneurs Get Stressed and What to do About it.

When you run a business, you spend a lot of time thinking about work. Unfortunately, for many, that leads to incredible amounts of stress, anxiety, and worrying. Did you know that statistically, entrepreneurs are twice as likely to develop health problems? Yes! Along with mental health concerns like bi-polar disorder, depression and more. Gina, Yarcort’s… Read more »

If this is failure, then what would winning look like?

You put down your tablet and head upstairs to bed. Already thinking about how little you’re actually going to sleep tonight; you begin mulling over the day’s events. You’re talking with a potential new client, but you’re worried that they will choose to work with a competing business instead of with you. Thinking back over… Read more »

Meeting Kris

You read my name at the end of our blog posts, but I have yet to post something personal about myself.  Today, that’s going to change. It has too. My life has transformed in so many ways in the last few months.   My name, as you’ve seen is Crystal Lynn. I go by Kris.… Read more »