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Highest Potential ~ Where Happiness is found

Everyone says I just want to be happy, but happiness is not something that you can buy. Well temporarily you can, you buy a new car, expensive vacation, or something small like just getting a massage. These are all wonderful but does it really make you heart leap with joy? In society today more and… Read more »

Feeling Stuck? Do you have a plan to move forward?

  You’re an entrepreneur, so therefore, you have a vision, right? Wrong! Or, probably wrong! In fact, 2/3 of the people living in the United States today don’t have a plan for their lives. If that’s the case, then how should you have one for your business? Vision matters. If you don’t have a plan… Read more »

What Happens When Your Over Stressed

Have you ever had a feeling that things were moving so fast you couldn’t catch your breath? Ever felt like you were drowning in a feeling of being rushed? Maybe you’ve felt like everything was pushing on you at once? These are feelings of stress.   What happens when I’m over stressed? According to WebMD,… Read more »

Did you Forget? Your Head?

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached to my body? The saying behind this means that a person is disorganized, forgetful, or loses things quite often. But what if we took that saying literally? How many of us would actually even remember that the head and body are… Read more »

Excuses Entrepreneurs Have That Are Self Sabotaging Their Business

  Whether you are self-employed or in the selling industry,  everyone in business is taught how to sell. Or at least, they  should have been. Interestingly, if you think your clients have excuses,  you should consider your own. The number one key to personal or professional success truly depends on how much time and investment you… Read more »