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High Performance Entrepreneurs Innovative Solution to Regulating Stress and Anxiety Workshop

October 28th - 29th, 2019 ...using Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) principles.

Meet like minded entrepreneurs who are eager to grow and connect – the dynamics and synergy can only pull you forward


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4 Core Steps You Will Learn in Order To Accelerate Your Business

  1. Overcome challenges by deepening your level of self-discovery.
  2. Deconstruct addictive patterns of behavior and realign positive thoughts, body language and action.
  3. Empower Focus Forward Technique that will pull you through challenging times where self esteem, self sabotage and lack of confidence have or is your #1 killer. 
  4. Never ending self improvement in a safe environment, non judgmental that will support your personal and professional growth.

Business can be fun, easy and lucrative!

It all starts with a unique environment that exceeds breakthroughs made by traditional methods. The issue with these methods is that they only are able to scratch the surface of the problem. I, along with my team of horse facilitators, can help you get to the root of what is causing your stress, so that you can build a successful business that sustains you for a lifetime.

Have you hit a plateau in your business?


Is to surpass what your mind believes it can achieve. To go from mediocrity to greatness!


Are you trying to figure out the next step in your business? Are you stuck and feel like you keep doing busy work? Do you ever put off the important things to do in your business because if you do the important things your not sure of the next step after that? Do you have troubles trying to sell your product? Are you uncomfortable with networking and connecting with people? Having troubles closing clients in what you sell? These are all things that not only you but other entrepreneurs struggle with on the daily.  If you want to break through and take your business to the next level and have all of those questions in your head answered then keep reading along. AYB Live is the guide to helping you have a shift in your mindset, structures, and selling and getting past the obstacles  in your business. AYB will help to breakthrough old barriers, overcome fears, and match your dreams in your business. It will heighten your awareness in all aspects of your business to better yourself. Many people think they need to change everything else about their business, but if you work on you, you will see things transforming around you. Our team is made up of horses and humans. Many ask…………..


I know your wondering, well first I must share there is no experience necessary and there is NO RIDING. The methodology I use is known as Equine(Means Horse in Latin)  Assisted Learning or EAL. The horse is the most powerful part of this because when your working through interaction on the ground your communicating through non verbal communication which FORCES you to look at YOU!

Entrepreneurs minds are on the fast tracks to stress (major addictive pattern) so working with our partners (Horses) will force you to quiet your voice long enough to discover new knowledge.  This is where we break down old patterns and begin to empower a new and creative mind with body connection (new confidence). The beauty of this work is that magical things begin to happen throughout not only your business but life itself.  It truly is remarkable. 


After becoming a certified practitioner of equine coaching (Equine Assisted Learning), and incorporating these 4 core steps into my life and in my bestselling book Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace, I went further, faster with less effort. But this was not always the case…

For many years, I struggled with daily stress that held me back from reaching my dreams. I tried with no luck to release my stress, using traditional methods recommended to me by experts. Instead, I found that I still couldn’t properly manage these emotions. Eventually, this came at a very high cost. I lost clients and spent countless hours on meaningless tasks. I feared rejection, which only created more frustration and even more stress.

When business plateaus, your common response would be to resort to old patterns of behavior that are addictive. This is your comfort zone, because it is familiar to you. Sticking to what you already know will only cause you to work harder and longer. Along the way, I’ve discovered that releasing stress is not always enough. It’s what you need to know in order to better manage it, and who can help you reach your highest potential.

About Gina Yarrish

Gina Yarrish offers entrepreneurs and equine practitioners positive thought leadership that helps them create sustainable and scalable companies. She does this by giving them the tools, processes, hands-on learning, and done-for-you courses so they can step away from the stressful day-to-day activities and focus on strategic growth.

Founder of the Equine Assisted Learning company, Yarcort

Creator of the Focus Forward Technique™

Known by her peers and clients as The Accelerator Coach

Best-selling author, Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace

Skilled in life coaching, Equine Experiential education, psychotherapy, and neuroscience


The exciting day together would start at 8:00am and end at 4:30 pm. We will begin with connecting over breakfast, later a catered lunch and through out the day learn new knowledge about beliefs, self discovery, and energy. Just to give you some ideas of activities with the horses it will include activities such as Balls in the Air, Self Discovery, Fire Drill, Driving for Success, Energy Connection. Excited yet? 

The team and I have put together a two day program that will knock your socks off. We’ve outlined and built the two days around over delivering massive results to you becuase we believe in you and want to help you. The secret to success entrepreneurs is the one thing they do over and over is invest in themselves. Are you worth investing in? Damn straight you are. Are you worth $100,000’s of dollars. Damn straight you are. Are you worth $1,500.00? Of course!

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“My revenue doubled in 90 days after working with Gina and her team.” – Carl

“[Working with Gina] I went from charging my clients $100 to $7500 in 6 months” – Amy

“Gina has a real talent for pushing you beyond your comfort zone, but in a good way… the horses and the facilities are excellent.” – MC Stockl

This Program is a Fit for you IF:

You KNOW that you’re being held back by the day to day stress of business is causing you to procrastinate
You KNOW that you’re facing challenges and have tried to solve them on your own through self development, with no success.
You KNOW you can do so much better and help more people.

Have you ever felt that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you?

I’ve experienced this fear too, and I can promise that it is not true. You just haven’t found the level of knowledge that will help you reach the depth of your desires. The good news is, we have the solution that you’ve been searching for. First, you must choose to make an investment in yourself, your future and in your business.

Still not convinced? Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth…


- Amy

“[Working with Gina] I went from charging my clients $100 to $7500 in 6 months”

- Amy

“[Working with Gina] I went from charging my clients $100 to $7500 in 6 months”

- MC Stockl

"Gina has a real talent for pushing you beyond your comfort zone, but in a good way… the horses and the facilities are excellent."

- Carl

“My revenue doubled in 90 days after working with Gina and her team.”

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Register here for our upcoming event!

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