The Story Behind an Unexpected Path to An Extraordinary Life

Gina Yarrish is known today as The Accelerator Coach. She’s the bestselling author of Harness Your Purpose, Power and Peace, an Equine Practitioner for individuals and businesses around the country, and a highly-sought motivational speaker.

Her Focus Forward technique™ has been gleaned from and refined throughout her 30 years in business as a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, consultant, author, and certified life coach.

But her success only skyrocketed after childhood struggles, difficult revelations, and a terrifying, near-death experience in her 30s.

The Journey Begins

Gina Yarrish was born in an unwed mother’s home and adopted as an infant. Fortunately, her adoptive family understood unconditional love. As Gina says, “I didn’t have the best start, but then I was given the gift of life with an amazing family. I chose to make that life very difficult for me and for them. But they never gave up on me.”

As she entered her 20’s and 30’s–independent, driven, and headstrong–Gina struggled like so many others with control, worry, chronic overthinking, and became a workaholic. Even though she was building a successful real estate business, Gina knew she was mentally draining herself and her physical health was suffering but never made time to take care of herself.

A Terrifying Realization

One day, when Gina was 35, she was suddenly rushed to the hospital with severe chest pain. The very air she was breathing was fading. She felt like she was dying. As she went through an intense heart cauterization, Gina realized all of those times she didn’t do what she needed to for herself had to stop. This was a sign.

She was being given a chance…the one she knew she NEEDED and new she had to change.

To achieve her dream of a happiness, a content life with a loving family and time to breathe and enjoy life, Gina would have to change: her patterns of working endless hours at work and home, participating in committees and school functions, and trying to be the “wonder mom” who could do it all.

A Soul Partner, Found in The Least Expected Place

She made the most difficult decision in her life, and that was to follow her heart. She did not go easy, yes there was kicking and crying but she wasn’t going to go back to old habits. She relocated to Pennsylvania in 2006 and met a being who would become her soul partner, a horse named Zeus. Horses, she discovered, had the unique ability to reflect to people what they were thinking and feeling. A conversation without talking! By no means did Zeus make things easy.

“I’ll be honest,” she says. “The process involved some painful moments, both physically as well as emotionally. Little did I know; the biggest issues were my pride and ego.” Just like when I pushed harder, I think I saw his belly more than his face. Its wasn’t pretty but no means.

Gina’s transformative relationship with horses taught her to look inward and build strength through learning from the horse which lead to building emotional strength, being grounded in who she is (not where she comes from), the ability to reflect what wasn’t working and what needed to change in her. A questions she asks so often, what is it within me that needs to change so the outcome would be different.

Learning the value of and importance of personal development, she continues her studies and to this day is always seeking how to better herself as well as her programs through mentors and coaches. She has had the honor to work with Jack Canfield Coaching, Mary Morrissey, Steve Harrison, and John Assaraff.

Yarcort Is Born

After meeting Zeus, working with horses, and become certified in Equine Assisted Learning, Gina launched YarCorte Acres with the vision of becoming a world-class facility where other individuals who had struggled like her–workaholics, successful business leaders, women who struggled to feel grounded or fit in, overworked sales professionals, and others–could come and transform themselves through breakthroughs fast. Without therapy!

Today, at a ranch located high on a mountain top in northeastern Pennsylvania, Yarcort thrives. Gina’s team of support is unique and amazing, which allows her to collaborate and successfully apply accelerated transformational teaching and coaching techniques with or without horses. This is known today as Equine Assisted Learning. Gina takes her knowledge and experience in Mastering Life, Life Coaching, and Equine Experiential Education to create powerful transformation through virtual, in house workshops, private sessions and retreats.

The basis for this work is that horses mirror the emotional and physical behavior of people. Through ground activities and non-verbal feedback, it is the experiential experience that will effectively communicate, and accomplish, transformation. Learn to trust the process to see the outcome.

Moving Forward with Focus Forward Technique™

Gina offers Experiential & Transformational Workshops to individuals and business. She inspires people by teaching effective principles that motivate them to Focus Forward in their lives in the absence of not having all the answers. She knows all too well that waiting for all the answers stalls or prevents the outcome we long for and want. Gina has mastered the art of uncovering old habits that hold you back and limit your potential and teaches through experiential practices how to change those habits. Most importantly, Gina offers consistent support to assure you that real, lasting transformation is achieved.

Gina’s true passion is to give back to others and help them in their own leadership and success. Her goal for everyone is to thrive and love live, the adventure it should be but to struggle less. Through it all you will love life, earn more and have the time and money freedom to enjoy the life you want and deserve.

Gina continues to study and explore ways for growth through neurosciences. She realizes the potential for helping others live richer and more fulfilling lives. To this end, she has studied to become a Certified Life Coach by the Life Mastery Institute of Mary Morrissey. She has also pursued certifications as a Practitioner of EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) by the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A); and Certification as an Equine Specialist by EAGALA (The Global Standard for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development). She brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience like no other that is unique, memorable and life changing.