Two Ways Entrepreneurs Behavior & Only One Succeeds.


Two Ways Entrepreneurs Behavior & Only One Succeeds.


During these uncertain times, it will reveal only two types of entrepreneurs. 


  1. Those that give in to fear, uncertainty and freeze. Their thought patterns on the problem happening, will look at all the limitations and excuses around them that have caused them to fail or worse shut down. 
  2. Then, there are those that are risk takers, understand entrepreneurship is about solving problems for others and will harness their mental ability to think what can be done and do it! Without hesitation. 

Great Depressions years and recessions world leaders came out. Walt Disney, Microsoft/Bill Gates, Facebook/Zuckerberg scaled fb in 2007.

These are just a few. 


What is the common denominator in these entrepreneurs? They know the power behind working with “like-minded” people. Massive results happen when like-minded people work together to make something greater and grow with each other. 


Now is a time for people to come together to help others get through this and solve not only the pandemic of this virus, leave that to the experts. 

Instead work together to solve stressful issues and depression among high achievers, leaders in organizations and entrepreneurs and at Yarcort we do just that. But I can’t do it alone. Through this together, become more emotionally resilient, have better communication and patience, generate eustress (positive stress) that enhances well-being and healthy bodies and accelerate results. 


Now more than ever is a perfect time to work on stress issues. How your behavior, attitude and thoughts are driving you towards addictive behaviors like, drinking, social media, sugar, etc. 


The answer to regulate your stress is not found in what you already know but rather what you need to know. If you stick with what you know, you’ll try to think harder, work longer while only building on more frustration. 


To change the path of your future destination you must first become consciously aware of where you’re going and are your thoughts aligned to get you there. 


If you’re not familiar with my work, I help those high achievers become consciously aware of attitudes, behaviors, thoughts and actions through interaction and observation with horses. There is a psychology behind the horsenalities we use to create the metaphors for people to learn from .

Granted, the most powerful learning is when you come to a live training. For the first time we are bringing the horses to you! So, in the comforts of your own home you can break through barriers, limitations and ceilings to create a new destiny. 

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