Are You Tired of Negative News? Get Positive with “The Focus Forward Technique”


Are You Tired of Negative News?

 Get Positive with “The Focus Forward Technique”


I don’t know about you, but I think everyone knows there is a virus crippling our country and killing Americans.  The media or as President Trumps says” Fake News” continues to report and has caused millions to react. Some even say it’s all about the politics. Enough is enough. Even in troubled waters there are still good things happening around the world. The question is can you see them?

What I find so interesting is how the mind works. One can choose to focus on negative news and based on your beliefs you will seek out and find proof of what you believe to be true and no one is arguing that it’s not. But with negative news, it makes your hearts race, your tempers flare, your attitude change. What’s worse is people feel lost in how to deal with what they’re experiencing mentally and physically. From this it will cause two major things to happen, either you’ll fall into depression or stress will have a physical impact on your health. Neither of these are good for you. 

If you’re like most Americans (just looking at the news) you’re very reactive to situations which tells me that you don’t give much thought to situations and easily fall in the rabbit hole and will suffer depression or stress. Check out this consumer guide I just put together on “The Epidemic of Stress Can Kill. Stress Myths and Truths to Unlock Ultimate Success.” 

If you want to change this, it’s so simple it’s hard. You’ve conditioned your mind to be reactive so now to ask it to think in a new way or train it to think in a way that can be beneficial to you is like starting a diet. In order for the diet to work you need commitment, persistence and support. I can give you all them if you ever choose to join one of our programs but for today that’s not what I’m here for. What I want to give you today is a means to create positivity in your life, eustress (good stress), and some peace of mind. 

Let’s get to the good stuff “The Focus Forward Technique”. You see I was that ‘Negative Nelly” for many years, I had the poor belief system about the way life was supposed to be that nearly killed me at 35. I’ve written about that in my #1 best seller “Harness Your Purpose, Power, and Peace”. Here’s the first chapter on me. 

Thank goodness for the near-death experience because this is how The Focus Forward Technique came about. 

 “The hardest things humans have to do is think.

 Think in the direction of what they want” ~ by Albert Einstein

When was the last time you thought from a destiny you wanted? Probably never or not often enough or with clarity. The excuses you come up with I bet were similar like, I have no time, I’m too busy are the biggest. 

Well with the world on lock down and people getting antsy now more than ever is a great time to ‘Think” from the direction of a destiny. 

In this moment, regardless of what is happening around you, where are you really going in life? What lifestyle do you want to create? What circle of friends do you want to have? How will your relationships look with your children and family? Do you want honesty, loyalty, trust but really, you’re getting disconnected, lies and disappointment? Only you can change this. 

Every Action Causes a Reaction ~ If You Don’t Like People’s Reaction Charge Yours 

Up to this point what has been your attitude, behaviors and beliefs? How have you contributed? 

Every Problem in the World Can be Solved with A Solution.

Instead of thinking about the problem, think about what your end destination you want? Identify it. In fact, share it with me on our Facebook. Next, what steps could you take? Don’t judge yourself. Just think and write down any possible thing you CAN DO. In fact, ask others to help you come up with ideas. The next is the hardest, pick one and TAKE ACTION. That’s it. Once you take action, any action the next steps begin to show up. Your eyes will seek out the positive evidence it needs to support your thinking.

Are there hiccups now and then? Of course, the devil will appear in many images. The neat thing is, this is truly what you want, you’ve thought of it therefore it will light your heart on fire so the steadfast and focus is much easier. 

When in doubt, it’s the devil. Keep moving forward. 

I hope you’ve found this useful and empowering for you. If so, please share this blog with everyone you know. If you need help jumpstarting your thinking (this isn’t easy) then take advantage of some time we can spend together and request a free initial assessment call. It’s easy, very eye opening and without a doubt it will make your heart bubble up with joy. 

If this really moved you and you can have others in your organization or business that can benefit from this, Become a Referral Partner. We can make the world a better place together. God Bless stay safe and be healthy. 


I’m Here for You!