Living in the Fast Life Can Be Harmful


Living in the Fast Life Can Be Harmful 

Magical things that can happen from being stressed. 


Can you think of anything more precious than life? Some say the children, some say their work but depending on how severe your stress is, it will compromise your relationships, health, mental ability. You may very well be missing out on the best life ever. How would you know that stress is affecting you? I ask this because at one time in my life stress ruled over me. It was so debilitated that simple things like sleeping or having fun were a challenge, but I refused to allow my condition to rob me of living the best life ever.


So, what happened to me?


It wasn’t an accident that caused life to become so stressed, I allowed it to happen by choices I made.  What I believed was true or right that I had been taught or showed to me over the years. Consciously I had no idea how I was impacting my life and for the worse? Next when I continue to ignore symptoms what happened next, I would have never considered it happening to me.  I was healthy! At least I thought I was. 


Can anyone relate? 


What happened I never saw coming nor was I prepared for the biggest, scarcest moment in life. As I laid my head down for the night a stifling pain came across my chest, I could barely breathe. Oh my,  the children! At first, I felt numb. I couldn’t move as if a 1000 lbs had been laid upon my chest or as if someone had been holding me down. I was trapped. Have you ever been held down against your will? Then you’ll understand, it’s scary.  After being hospitalized and going through a series of painful tasks being poked and prodded. I cried for my life. Begged god to forgive me. My mind was all over the place like a jumping monkey.  The one thing I needed at that moment was an answer to why this happened and how to fix it. One final test revealed through a heart Cauterization. This is it. The doctors came into the room and said good news and there’s bad news.  The good news is there’s nothing wrong with you the bad news is it’s in your head. I am sorry I refuse to hear there’s something mentally wrong with me because that’s what I heard them say, didn’t you? Wait, I was a successful businesswoman, owned my own business,  did everything that was expected of me, what the heck were they trying to say to me?


Can anybody relate?


Well I know today what the doctors didn’t say, and they were trying to tell me I have no control over my thoughts therefore having this jumping monkey in my head created severe stress in my body. 

-I couldn’t focus 

-I was forever distracted 

-I was running after problem to fix 

-I was overcommitted 

-I was either controlling people or situations. Really doing everyone else’s job.


I can laugh now but it wasn’t funny then. I was mad as hell and pissed off.  I wasn’t going to hear there was something mentally wrong with me. Where did that get me? I’ll tell you where it got me because I wasn’t doing mediation or going to a therapist. It got me to a horse. I do believe everything happens for a reason but why me. If someone would have asked me 20 years ago what I’d be doing for surely it would be real estate. NOT AT ALL… Instead of pushing back and resisting life I decided to go with the flow, make new decisions and learn about horses. They were so magical and beautiful.  


I beat you’re asking what a horse could teach you? 


For starters, I obviously had no boundaries. I couldn’t say no to anything I should have. I had no direction in life other than doing what people expected of me. You ask about communication.  Like ask for what you need, that was for the birds. I could push people in all directions, but I couldn’t push a horse. Humans answer back, horses do but through nonverbal communication. You have to interpret what the heck is going on. For instance, to tame the jumping money in my head I need clarity, focus and direction. If doing this with a horse it would look like, I’m wanting you to walk ahead of me, if I’d look at the ground the horse would stop. If I pulled the reins the horse would stop. If I wanted him to go, he would stand. 


Where did those same situations show up in life? Kids getting out of the house on time for school by themselves. NOT; I wanted everyone in the office to check in because of situations, but everyone would scatter. If I wanted the agents out on the road, they’d be in the office. Then I asked the preferable questions, why is this happening to me? I obviously had lessons to learn about life that no one else had taught me but a horse did. If you can lead a horse, you can lead humans. If you can set a boundary with a 1200 lb animal, you can set it with a human. If you can give clear directions to the horse that you want him to circle and he does it, you can give clear direction to your team. Horses help you understand and see what you’re doing wrong by their feedback. My jumping monkey that I speak of when I first started playing with horses, looked like a frantic person.  I never imagined that was the energy I was putting out there “without” even talking. 


People can see and feel things about you before they even open your mouth. Honestly, did you ever walk in a store, not know the person and say, they’re pissed?  Of course. If you’re pissed with a horse, they plant their feet and look at you like, go ahead make me. It’s impossible or if you do it sure as hell will be ugly. My point is we can all live a fast life but until that life is balanced with passion and love, it has no meaning. Without meaning where are you going. Since working with horses, I have gained remarkable leadership skills both personally & professionally and today magic continues to reveal itself. I never would have written a book if my direction in life didn’t change, I wouldn’t have a state-of-the-art facility for coaching. And I sure as hell would have never met my biological mom. Yes, I was adopted as an infant. All I wanted at this point was to give my mother the gift of knowing and yet again I received the gift when the investigator told me she’d been praying for that call since 1969. 


People ask today, Gina, you’re always so happy and optimistic. That’s true. You see you have a choice. You can think positive or negative. You can think backwards or forward. You are the only person that has the ability to control your thoughts. The reward of thinking forward/positive is way more rewarding than suffering of the past. If you’re stressed and seeking balance between your inner thoughts and outward actions, then please contact us. We are here to help you. 


The best place to start is with a 1:1 virtual or in person initial assessment. It’s easy, you can set it to fit your schedule. I’ll share my calendar with you, and you set it up. Here’s the link. 


My best to all. Be Safe and Stay Healthy!