Freedom & Control of Negative Thoughts for High Achievers


Freedom & Control of Negative Thoughts for High Achievers: Three Simple Steps That Will Alter Your Thinking to “Positive”

CEO Gina Yarrish says “the knowledge you have today has gotten you into the problem you face. It’s new knowledge that will carry you forward. ”

Our purpose is to help free up the mental clutter of negative thinking and avoid falling into a rabbit hole you can’t get out of which leads to feeling stuck and trapped in one’s own weakness going nowhere fast. Instead,  we provide a much different approach and methodology, but with structure and a supportive community you learn how to achieve bigger goals, deflect stressful situations and create a higher version of oneself that ultimately leads to inner balance of outward reflection. If today, you find yourself in a rabbit hole let me help you out. As you’re reading this my hand is reaching out to pull you up and give you a hug. It will be okay. What you’re about to learn is not something taught in school or through generational traditions. 

First, find a piece of paper and pen because this will be important for you to write down, it’s your life and you want this to stop here and now. Yes? 

On that paper write the #1. Next to it your name. What you have done and know to do, whatever was of the past is the past. You can’t change it. What you can change is the future. Today you are the highest version of yourself. You are your #1. 

Should you not like where you are, what is happening and you’re stressed to the max, thinking about the problem isn’t going to solve anything. In fact, you just dig yourself deeper. Think of a fan and the wind it puts off, the faster it goes the more energy it puts out, yes? The more you dig the faster the fan goes the father down the whole you fall into and it’s that much harder to stand backup.  You can keep thinking that way and I can give you a shovel or you can open your mind to what is possible.

What is possible. What can I do with what I have at this moment is a better thought to be having and in fact will throw some dirt on the whole so you can start to rise back up. Everyone is in a horrific situation right now. What if you were thinking proactive because the turn of events is going to happen, and will you be ready? Damn straight. Prepare your mind to possibility. Take time to condition your thinking in the direction of what you want versus what’s happening. 

Here are several questions, to jump start your thinking in the direction of what you want. If you didn’t already know it, the life you want has to first be thought of for it to happen. This is the foundation of your home, of the earth you stand on, of the life you want to create. If you haven’t done this before it’s okay. Anyone can do it, even your children. 

  1. If you were reading this on March 20, 2021 (a year from now) what has to happen so stress was not at all time 10/10/10. 
  2. What obstacles do you face in getting there?
  3. What possibilities are there for you to start with? 

Albert Einstein said “The hardest thing for humans to do is think. Think in the direction of what they want”. Taking time to think is hard but not impossible. Like anything you start with where you’re at. If you’d like some help clearing thoughts in the direction of what you want, I’m honored to help. 

I hope you find this information useful and that you’ll take the time to apply it to your situation. 

If you’ve read this far and do nothing, well then you are where you are for a reason. If you’re willing to do it and apply but still have some difficulty, don’t make it harder on yourself, I offer daily calls complimentary. You ask, how to get on one of those calls, simple. You can have my calendar link and book it right now. How about seeing what’s available. Click here

Next, if you do not like where you’re at in life then the only person that can change it is you. Your attitude, behavior, and thoughts have gotten you to this point.