A Gift, even if You Don’t Have Money



Today’s young adults and youth move faster, take less time to enjoy the small things in life. I’ve come to know the smaller the gift, the greater the reward. That is if one can see it. My wish this year is not to give a physical gift that has to cost money,  but rather a gift to help someone feel good in their heart. There’s something along the way I’ve learned. Yes, there have been many lessons in life, both  good and bad. I could share all the wrong things I’ve done, or poor choices I’ve made. I could share the ways people have hurt  my family and me, even at the death of my father. But it’s in all of those wrong things that we find life’s greatest lessons. . 


My father (non-biological), who raised me, nurtured me, and loved me struggled in his elder years with practicing what he preached. Throughout my life with a loving family, there were rules that we lived by. Maybe you’d heard them too? Be honest, be kind, do things for the good of all, and by all means share what’s in your heart. Don’t be selfish, try your hardest in all you do, and give. Be a giver. I’d heard this over and over in my youth. 


Is life perfect? You’re only fooling yourself if you think it is. I don’t know anyone whose life is perfect. Only God has that kind of reality, and to be honest I wouldn’t want his job. Life is made up of experiences, the journey that everyone speaks of. What goes on between one’s ears is what your creating in your life. You should live by the principals you are taught, and with never ending self-improvement. Remember, you should learn something every day. This means improve yourself!!!


My journey has been a blessing of gifts I could have never known without faith. If there is one thing I’ve learned it is to speak with honesty, say what you need to say good and bad. Never leave unsaid words. Hold steadfast and have boundaries. You see my Dad’s passing this year made me realize how cruel people can be. It was the hardest thing I had to do, face a family who all conspired against me because of judgement, opinions, hear say, and one past event. What’s interesting is that everything that I thought was, wasn’t. They became judge, jury, and executioner. At a time when we were all there to pay our last respects to a remarkable man,  they made it all about me. 


What my parents taught me was to stand tall, even when it hurts. So, I did. Never leave unsaid words, and so I didn’t. And give unconditional love, regardless of the situation. I did that too. When all was said and done, I cried. I didn’t cry because of what I’d experienced, instead, my tears were for my father, who was never able to make things right between his family members.People can so easily forget years, decades, lifetimes of good things. With that in mind, this year my wish for you is that you share with loved ones anything you need to share and for those receiving, that you keep an open mind and heart as you listen. Someone once said: “Are you listening to respond, or listening to hear?” It doesn’t matter if what that person feels is right or wrong in your eyes. It’s what they feel, and it matters. 


The important thing is how to fix it and have a healthy conversation, agree to disagree and yet still love. The gift that clears your soul, and what greater gift is there than that? I’m just a work in progress, I never, ever stop learning! 

If there’s one thing I am guilty of, it  is loving way too much. 

Unconditional Love! 



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