How to Make Your Future Brighter when Reality S..ks

 I lived a life that was expected of me and even though I had become successful I thought I was unbreakable, that was until I got a huge memo from the man above (God) saying STOP.. All the warning signs of just being tired, sinus issues, constant colds, insomnia wasn’t enough until the huge wake up call was massive chest pains and landing in the hospital. All of a sudden simplicity and values quickly come back into focus.


We are all guilty of chasing life, wanting to do more for our families, and letting our calendar dictate our lives, no matter what level of wealth, we have. Now and again we need to realign, refocus, and re-energize so we are always moving in the right direction. 


Simple Steps to Get Your started 


The important thing is not to think hard and long. That’s when our self conscious mind takes over and tries to self-sabotage what your heart wants. Simply start with answering the questions for yourself. 


What’s truly important to me? (Family, Health, Career, Time and Monday Freedom) 

What have I always wanted to do? 

What is just one step forward I can take? 


Everything I just shared with you is also written in my book, Harness your purpose, power, and peace. After years of helping people, I began to see a pattern in the questions Clients would ask me. Writing a book would allow me to help more people, now just the few.  Here’s a secret, I don’t share with many, English and writing were my worst subjects in school. When this thought first came to mind, I wrote it down but then you should have been in my head. Talk about self-sabotage.


It went something like this. Who the hell do you think you are thinking you could write a book? You’ve got to be kidding, you’ve been orphaned, you hate school and you’re never going to write a book. Thank heavens I didn’t listen to my head-think. Today I have a #1 Amazon Best Seller, Harness Your Purpose, Power and Peace. Feel free to grab a free first chapter here. 


If your future self is nagging you to get help, get off the roller coaster of life I totally understand.

I was completely off guard when it him me, which is why I can relate to some many who try to be their best, want to do good, but things fall apart or just don’t go as planned. It’s so easy to get back up on the same wheel and start over again but the answer isn’t in what you know, it’s what you need to know that changes one’s life style. 


If you’re looking for that makeover and want to do things differently just don’t know who can help give you new knowledge, new ways of thinking and how to get there, then let’s jump on a call.  Every week I free up time to talk to amazing people. No sales, No selling! A call that breaks down your barrier and give you a plan to move forward. Let’s do this together, one step at a time. 


This is the first step. Verbalizing thoughts to gain clarity together. Here is my calendar link where you can pick a date and time that works for you. Then there is a short application that helps me get to know you and how best I can help you when we talk. Everyone’s time is valuable and I want to give you as much as I can. 

Talk Soon! Make it a great day!