Highest Potential ~ Where Happiness is found


Everyone says I just want to be happy, but happiness is not something that you can buy. Well temporarily you can, you buy a new car, expensive vacation, or something small like just getting a massage. These are all wonderful but does it really make you heart leap with joy? In society today more and more people are diagnosed with major life threatening diseases, like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes and its scientifically proven that 90% of many health conditions all come from stress. 

In this article, I will expand your thinking possibility like never before and why it’s important and what you can do to reach, fulfill your happiness and good health. What most seek out is time and freedom to do what they want and have the money to do it. I can tell you regardless of your situation you can have it! 


What is Highest Potential? 

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Highest Potential is – 

existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality. 

A Greek Philosopher and Scientist, Aristotle spoke of the potentially infinite as a never-ending process over time.  Famous author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn, said “Work on yourself more than you do in your job.” Ernest Hemingway says, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” 

Here is my definition, one’s highest potential is a journey to be the best vision of yourself. Kind, compassionate, caring, nurturing, thoughtful, dedicated, loyal, outgoing, vulnerable and more. That well-rounded person that works hard, plays hard and has life balance through actions and internal conversation. Doing what you love, sharing and expressing what matters most, having emotional strength for all the highs and lows you will face along the way. Keeping our thoughts clean and our bodies healthy so we continue to flourish. Here’s a big one so many have a hard time with, having a healthy conversations. Saying what needs to be said and learn to agree to disagree.  


I do believe life is a journey, it’s not something that happens overnight. Do you remember when you were a child, people would say take care of yourself, because you could be all you have. I bet mom’s everywhere can really relate to that one. 



Everyone wants to be happy, but do you realize that happiness comes from within. Loving you, authentically expressing you, doing what matters to you instead of what others expect of you. So often people get so far away from the basic principles of life they are caught up on this fast and furious way of living. The ferris wheel that never stops and comes crashing down, but why? Why, because you’ve put everything first, but you. 



What’s worse is you ignore health issues, don’t resolve old issues with family and friends. You begin to dislike living the life you have. You resent not doing things differently, obsessed with perfection, and fake being happy. It’s a bad place to be. You can read about my journey to having a heart cauterization at the young age of 35. I was faking it to impress others or do what was expected that nearly killed me. 



Let me give you a metaphor to help understand how stress affects your health. You’re aware your mind is connected to your body, yes? Ok, if you took a bicycle that was lifted off the ground and one wheel represented your mind and the other represented your body. How would the wheels be moving? Consider the bicycle frame to be all your bodily-organs, what would begin to happen to your body over time? A human is made of three parts, the mind, body and soul. How about looking at it from this perspective, the head, heart and gut. For the body to be healthy our head has to agree with our heart and our gut. Does yours? If not your wheels are starting to spin the wrong way and too fast.



First you have to be aware that you’re out of alignment, right? Then begin to ask yourself a few simple questions. 

What does my heart say? What does my head say? What does my gut tell me?

Remember, the hardest thing to do is what’s right to keep you in balance, that thing that fills you up with happiness, balances your emotions and allows you to put your head on a pillow at night and sleep peacefully. It takes time, but when you begin to answer these three questions and activate change, life begins to transform before your eyes. If this intrigues you and you want more, we offer programs to support you and you can learn more about them at www.yarcort.com.

If you’ve answered these questions above and there completely out of align and would like some help, my suggestion to you is let’s jump on a call. I free up time each week to talk one on one with people so I can help them overcome any obstacle that stress them out, plan a solution and go from there. Now mind you, there only one of me. I want to talk with everyone because the most rewarding part of this work I do, is help people have those “aha” moments that pulls them forward. 

If you want that 1:1 call, here’s my calendar link . You pick and date and time that works for you. Fill out a short application that lets us get right to the root of the problem so we can make powerful use of our time together. It’s that simple.