Feeling Stuck? Do you have a plan to move forward?



You’re an entrepreneur, so therefore, you have a vision, right? Wrong! Or, probably wrong! In fact, 2/3 of the people living in the United States today don’t have a plan for their lives. If that’s the case, then how should you have one for your business?

Vision matters.

If you don’t have a plan for your life, and for your business, where do you plan to end up? Probably beating your head off of a metaphorical brick wall, trying things and getting few rewards. You don’t have to struggle. In fact, one of the best ways to begin moving your life, and your business in a positive direction is by making a plan and not just a business plan.

 A successful person takes action in their lives. But without a plan, you can’t initiate anything. It’s like walking around in the dark, with no light. It leaves you stumbling, stressed, and anxious. It takes a toll on your health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your relationships become strained. Days feel long, and you don’t get much of a restful sleep at night. Stress is eating you from the inside out, and eventually, your life, your business, and those closest to you are consumed by it.

So, what happens when you have a vision? When you can look at your life with an endpoint in mind, you can reverse engineer the steps to accomplish your wants and desires.  Here’s a pointer: you don’t need to figure it all out. Once you have the end, just start with the first step. The how will begin to show up. It’s remarkable how it begins to align just the way you want it too, without you needing to force things or try to control it.

It doesn’t have to be stressful. Changing your way of thinking and making a plan will allow those relationships to blossom, that sleep to be refreshing, your business to boom, and your positivity will shine through for all to see. Life will look good on you!

Another great author that delves really deeply into this is Cameron Herold with his book, Vivid Vision. The point is, there are lots of ways to create a vision. The important thing is to remember that  creating it takes time, questions, steps, the ability to think beyond what you know. Want a place to start? Gina offers this question: “If three years have passed, what has to have happened to make your heart leap? What has to have happened personally and professionally to allow you to feel success, happiness, and joy in your life?”


Yarcort and making a plan.

At Yarcort, we understand the importance of vision. Our founder, Gina Yarrish, has created a method to teach people to think from the direction they want to go in. In her bestselling book, you will learn how to make a vision for yourself. Using her methods, you will find yourself less stressed, less worried, and more productive.


Our event.

This September, we are hosting an event to show entrepreneurs like you how to build the business you truly want. Gina will use her innovative Focus Forward™ Technique, and a horse to help you learn to think more positively, regulate your stress, and work from your desired outcome to get the life you want! She works with individuals, or in group settings. If you have a product or service your selling, but selling stresses you out, then you may want to look into this next workshop. It takes the stress our of selling, and there’s more. You can find the details here.


Gina will often say, “My wish for you is to be the best you can be, so they’ll be no regrets!” 🙂


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