What Happens When Your Over Stressed


Have you ever had a feeling that things were moving so fast you couldn’t catch your breath? Ever felt like you were drowning in a feeling of being rushed? Maybe you’ve felt like everything was pushing on you at once? These are feelings of stress.


What happens when I’m over stressed?

According to WebMD, every single person in the world feels stress, and every person’s body reacts to it physically. WebMD continues by explaining that at some point in life, everyone will have a panic attack. These are directly linked to stress.

As the mind overthinks and continues in patterns of worry, fear, and anxiety, the body becomes more and more tense. Though everyone feels this differently, we all have one thing in common… We all find a breaking point. 

The Crisis

Every day, more than 1000 people experience a stress related crisis. These can include panic attacks, migraines, stomach ulcers, and so much more. Why continue in this pattern of fear and anxiety?

Gina knows these feelings all too well. Every member of the team here at Yarcort knows what you’re feeling. We know how much these feelings can impact your business, your relationships, and your daily life. Gina experienced it herself at 35.


Releasing stress .

Gina believes that one of the first, and best ways to begin regulating your stress is to journal. But that alone is not enough! Hiring a personal coach to help you learn to regulate your anxiety is another great step! Fortunately, Yarcort is here to help! Check us out on the web or give us a call to learn more. I know you’ll be surprised and amazed to find out  how we help regulate the stress. 

This August, we are hosting an event to help entrepreneurs and anyone who offers products or services learn to regulate their stress and anxiety, take tension out of selling, transform behaviors and actions to stimulate their business and make selling easy. Businesses succeed much more steadily when you learn to throw away the negativity, and move forward. 


Using Equine-Assisted-Learning and our Focus Forward™ technique, we will help you scale your business, generate more revenue, and live the life you deserve. Want to know more? Here are three ways we can connect. Our event in just two weeks, registration is RIGHT NOW. 


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