Excuses Entrepreneurs Have That Are Self Sabotaging Their Business



Whether you are self-employed or in the selling industry,  everyone in business is taught how to sell. Or at least, they  should have been. Interestingly, if you think your clients have excuses,  you should consider your own. The number one key to personal or professional success truly depends on how much time and investment you make in yourself. However, the hardest thing humans have to do is admit their weakness. It is easy telling people what they should do. It’s easy to give advice when it’s not happening to us. It’s easy to have others do the dirty duties. It’s easy to pass the buck.


I’m going to tell you what happens next. As an entrepreneur, you have a business plan, a strategy or system for selling.  Then, when business gets started, you get so busy using your gifts and knowledge to build a business that you forget to keep building yourself. As you exhaust your knowledge, you’re so busy trying to hold all the balls in the air that  there is no time for working on you.


You know you need to do something but instead you come up with these excuses. Yes, excuses are what i hear all too often. “How can i take time?” “It will have to wait. I have too much on my plate right now.” Oh and this one, “Let me think about it.” How long have you been thinking or waiting ?


Then the thought pattern shifts to, “I can’t possibly spend the money on me: I need a new ad.” How much have you spent on marketing that hasn’t worked?  “I’ll go if my company or boss will pay for professional development.  If not, then I’m not paying.” How long have you stayed in the same job and the same salary doing the same thing and continually complaining?


You want business to get better. It won’t while you make excuses like the ones I mentioned or you keep waiting for   circumstances to change. Timing:  “it‘s just not a good time, life is too busy right now.” Is there ever a good time? These are just a few, and the list goes on and on. What’s worse is 6 months, 12 months, one year, five years, I reconnect with people and  they still give me the same excuse. 


Why? The answer is the beliefs people have about what is expected of them in business, or fear people will learn they are not perfect, and a lack of knowledge about personal development.  


The secret: the  number one thing Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Joe Polish, etc say: “Invest in your own development and life will take you further, with much more happiness.” What now? Get out of your head, forget the excuses, stop worrying about what others think because it’s not nearly as important as YOU. People do care and want to help. You may not have connected with the right organization or tribe yet. I can tell you our tribe cares, supports, and is a fun place to grow and learn. If business is stressful, and you know you could use support, or help and you feel moved then make no more excuses! Take action.


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Written by Crystal Lynn