Why Entrepreneurs Get Stressed and What to do About it.


When you run a business, you spend a lot of time thinking about work. Unfortunately, for many, that leads to incredible amounts of stress, anxiety, and worrying. Did you know that statistically, entrepreneurs are twice as likely to develop health problems? Yes! Along with mental health concerns like bi-polar disorder, depression and more.

Gina, Yarcort’s founder and CEO, knows this first hand. A successful woman, Gina ran her real-estate business, parented her kids,kept her home, and was involved in many family activities. She had the world. But one day, she found herself having severe chest pain. That day, she ended up needing a heart cauterization. Luckily, she learned that her heart was fine, but the stress in her mind had finally caught up with her body, and was giving her a clear sign. She needed to focus on her!

This happens all the time, all over the world. A man named Dan owned his own electronics store. Every day, he was stressed. He wanted to make more revenue, expand his store, and even open a second location. He was also a devoted dad and husband, who spent plenty of time at family functions. When he wasn’t at work, he’d help his friends and neighbors with anything they needed. He thought he controlled it all. But then he began experiencing stomach cramps. His stress, it turned out, had led him to develop an ulcer. His body was telling him it was time to change something.

Why are entrepreneurs so stressed?

There are many reasons. But the biggest is that we all try to take everything on ourselves. We believe we can do anything. In the beginning, you may not have the money to hire a team, but there are other options such as volunteers, family, and interns. Did you know that you can even do an international work exchange?  The point is, it’s important to  involve others: otherwise, your mind is like a bicycle wheel that’s been lifted off the ground. It’s impossible for you to do everything.. You can prioritize, but then you get so task focused that you’re not actually growing your business you’re just working in it. Not at all what you thought “Entrepreneurship” would be. What the heck!  At that rate you’d be better off going back to the day job, and  earning a salary. I bet that  for some ,if you calculated the hours, you’d  make more at a job. Now can you see why you’re stressed?

Here’s   the key.  The knowledge you had when you started your business or  selling a product or service is exhausted. That same knowledge will only  take you so far before you need new tools, new knowledge and new skills. This is  where professional development comes in. It’s that never ending self-improvement that’s talked about. It’s the old saying, “you should learn something new every day.” There’s a reason for that.

Look, this is no lie, stress will kill you! You can treat your body all you want, but If you don’t work on behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and actions then NOTHING is going to change. Humans seem to think their head is not attached to their body. Treat the head, and the body will follow. When you treat the body before the head, it’s like pushing a rope up a hill. It  works, but it sure is hard.

You ask, “How do I beat the stress?”

You can win the battle against stress! Investing in your own personal and professional growth is the first step. To do that, it’s a good idea to hire a coach or mentor, and not just anyone. The #1 development to fix this problem is Equine-assisted-learning. It works because you’re doing it, not because someone is telling you too. We don’t learn from being told, but rather from experience. Besides, when you quiet the voices the mind opens

Why a horse?

Animals have an incredible gift for reading and understanding through nonverbal communication. It doesn’t just take words. In fact,  most humans do this when their first look becomes judgmental. You know, that look, the sales person that comes up to you  when you first walk in the door.  You know what I’m talking about. Horses do the same thing. Their methods force  you to think why, when and what you can do differently. It’s something you can’t possibly learn from another human: which makes horses powerful teachers. Yarcort can help.

Gina has been where you are. That’s why she’s the perfect coach for entrepreneurs. Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn the techniques you need to rid yourself of stress and start scaling your business to the next level! We combine EAL and a Focus Forward™ technique to help you find and change the habits and patterns that hold you back.

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn, scale and grow, Sign up for our next workshop.

Written By Crystal Lynn