Life has two choices: Now or Not Now.



My name’s Crystal, and I write these blogs. I’m a writer. But I haven’t been that person long.


When I was a senior in high school, I’d spend about half my attention on  my classes. The other half? Well, it was spent writing the story I was writing that week. Usually, it was a short story about a teenager and some horses. Often there was romance mixed in. I was a good writer. My family knew I was. Those teachers who knew me well knew I was. I was good with words, in every language I spoke, and I loved to read. Combine the two and you got who I was. The problem was that for me, writing was a hobby. I wanted to teach. No one ever told me that writing was a form of teaching.

I went to college where I switched my major multiple times. I still wrote those stories, although no longer in my classes. Eventually, I landed in the English department. I graduated and continued pursuing my teaching career. It wasn’t until a random chance came along that I got the opportunity to open up my mind to what I wanted.







Now or not now.


I got an opportunity through my graduate program to apply for an internship as a content writer for Yarcort. I did it, because I had nothing else to do in my opinion. But I got it.

“You’ll never make any real money,” people told me. “Writers are always depressed,” others said. I believed them. I thought writing would just be a passing hobby for me. After all, you can’t live on what you love.

When Gina asked me to stay on after my internship, I did. I chose “now,” because “not now,” would have left me burned out and depressed. Happier with my career than I’ve ever been, I write these blogs for you. I teach! I write! And I love every single second of it!


Ask yourself.


What are you doing right now? Do you love it? If you don’t, what would you love? What are you good at? What makes you happiest? Do you know the answers to any of these questions?

Chances are, you do. Chances are, you can think of something right now. But is it what you’re doing? Does your current business make you happy? If it doesn’t, ask yourself what one step you can take today to reach for the thing you truly desire. The first step is just choosing now.






When you choose now over not now, you choose to be happy. When you feel good about what you’re doing, the world will notice. Your business will take off in ways you never imagined. You’ll start earning the money you deserve, because you will be able to share your passion with the world!


Yarcort and choosing now.


At Yarcort, our team chose to follow what we love. Since we love helping others do the same, we enjoy helping entrepreneurs choose now and start living the life they want. Living by design is so important to us! To learn how we can help you, check out our website, and grab yourself a copy of Gina’s best-selling book.