Outcomes Are Not Impossible

The image shows a road with a body of water to the left, and a yellow sign with the words "success ahead" written on it.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours — Henry David Thoreau.

The image shows a chalk board with a thought bubble written on it. In the middle of the thought bubble is a light bulb.It’s mid-afternoon, just between lunch and the end of the work day. You’ve had two productive meetings already, and you’re scheduled for another in 20 minutes. As you sit down at your desk, your phone rings. It’s the school nurse, your son has a fever. He needs to be picked up right away. Immediately, you start to worry about your little boy, while also wishing that this fever could have just waited for the weekend. What will you do about your next meeting? Will your new client choose to find a different business to work with if you reschedule on such short notice?

Obstacles and outcomes

Obstacles like these come up all the time. Sometimes, even bigger obstacles present themselves, and they can cause a lot of stress. They don’t need to though, because there’s always a solution. Obstacles can be set-backs that cause us stress, or they can be bumps in the road as we move forward toward the life we want.

The image shows a woman with her arms raised above her head. She is standing on a rock in front of mountains.This activity will assist you as you move around the obstacles in your life, and find outcomes that will keep you moving steadily forward toward your ultimate goals. First, ask yourself: What obstacles am I currently facing? What is the outcome that I want from all of this, and what steps can I take to move forward in that direction?

If this seems impossible, don’t feel alone. It might feel like a challenge to think forward, but no worries we can help. Our clients learn first-hand how to Focus Forward in everything that they do regardless of how big or little the obstacle. What we know is that massive results happen, life turns around, revenue increases and clients are closed.

The solution

You pick up your telephone and dial your client’s phone number. Quickly and professionally, you explain the situation to him. As it turns out, he has children too, and they’d just recently had the flu. You reschedule your meeting with no harm done, and head for the school to pick up your son. Meanwhile, how long were you stressing?

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Written by Crystal Lynn

Graphics by Apple Perez

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