You Could Be Making The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life

The image shows the words learning, knowledge, experience, skills, ability, competence, training and growth written in black. Each word is also highlighted using a different color. Behind the words are two people shaking hands in front of a white background.

Dan Sullivan created what’s called “Unique Ability”. What this is referring to is creating value in what your good at and love. It’s where you shine!

Let me give you an example: The Equine Experiential Learning Association has a training program like no other. There is a structure, a process to facilitate results that they use to put together a certification program. They know exactly what they’re doing. People all around the world go to them because of their unique ability to teach, and certify people in horse and human facilitation. They are operating at their unique ability, doing what they love, and people pay them. They have separated themselves in strength through this unique process.

The image shows people holding hands with their arms intertwined in a circle.

I hear all too often that people are unsure about how to facilitate. In order to facilitate, you must learn to operate from your unique ability. We are all doing the same thing, so what makes you special? What have you experienced in life that can help others overcome and how will you help them to overcome it? What program? That is where value comes from and what people will invest in.

Let’s step out of the box for a moment, and use pizzeria shops as an example. They are unique in what they do because of their crust, their toppings, their pizza’s size and shape, and their operator’s personality. These traits allow them to attract clients again and again. These are people you do business with, because they’re really good at what they do. You like them, so you give them business.

I love giving business to people who know what they’re doing. I like them, and they add value to their product or service. In short, I like giving business to people I care about.The image shows Gina Yarrish hugging a client in the Yarcort arena.

I like giving, but let’s be clear. I cut checks to businesses and people who will help me grow.  You have to keep learning new capabilities that will enhance and strengthen you, so that your business continues to grow. This doesn’t come without taking action. Learning is great, but is merely entertainment.

You need the capability to follow through- Mary Morrisey

Honestly, I continue cutting checks to people because it’s an investment within myself that offers the highest possible return–personal growth. If you want your client to grow, then you have to grow. If you want your clients to invest, you have to invest. Those that give, receive. Those that take, will always struggle.

For me, this is just a way of being. My wish is for more people to realize this; follow through, take action, and invest in yourself and in your business! What new capabilities do you need that I can help you with?

Written by Crystal Lynn

Graphics by Apple Perez