Is Money Driving Your Stress?

The image shows a girl sitting in the middle of a road on a wooden stool. She is holding a map, and beside her is a white suitcase with a globe of the world sitting on top.

I went through most of my life having success and money, but still stressing. Addictions come in all different ways and not just by sex, alcohol, smoking cigarettes or using drugs. There are other addictions like cell phones, sugar, exercising and over-working.

Behavioral addictions are not easy, and I sympathize with those who have them. We all have them. EVERYONE. The biggest question is, why? The answer I’ve come up with over and over again is because having these addictions are easier than dealing with the pains of life. A friend of mine Joe Polish says, “It’s not the addiction, it’s why the pain”?

If we focus on the pain, we are looking at the past. We can think and talk about it all we want. This is what most of us do. However, what we should be doing is focusing on the future. Planning for the future is building mental muscle by using the right side of our brain, the creative side.

Money isn’t driving stress, pain is! What if we could change that this year?

The Goodness of Change

Humans are creatures of habit: we learn to live with our surroundings, and we stay in them because it’s what we know. Nothing is more comfortable than the familiar. However, nothing is more detrimental to your future than living with what you don’t want, simply because you’re used to it.

Could there be a difference in pain? Sure, and one’s perception is all that matters. If we are growing, learning, and taking opportunities that allow us to become more than we already are. It is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, sometimes scary and painful. But here is where we truly shine.

Feeling uncomfortable and stressed is a direction of growth, and is building mental muscle. This is you, taking control of the life you’re building and lifting your heart up. For many, it is so difficult that the moment the feeling starts, they back away and return to their familiar safety net. Step into that!

The image shows a woman wearing a suit and holding a handbag. She is leaping toward a platform with the word "job" in large letters written on it. The background of the image is a beautiful sunset.That’s the good stuff!

Imagine that you want to move to a new city. You have a job lined up and you can easily find an apartment. You’ve always wanted to live in this town, but you have so many doubts. Before you can move, you start going in circles in your mind. What if you don’t make friends in this new place or the job is terrible? What would your family think of you taking such a leap of faith? It all becomes too much, and you settle back into your hometown, with the people and things you know.

These decisions you make are either living life by default, or by design. Wouldn’t it feel so much better if you were living life by design, creating what you want, and finding the opportunities you actually seek?

The risk is SO worth the rewards life can give you and makes life fun, interesting and adventurous.

Creating Results

If you’ve gotten this far, then we can agree that change is necessary and good. We can look at creating results to begin creating the life you want. Do you have goals? What do you want? What does life look like when you picture everything you desire? At first, this is difficult. It’s hard to see what you want when you’ve seen what you have for so long. You may not even be aware of the many talents you have that will help you reach your goals.

The image shows a yellow sign with the word "results" written in black. Beneath the word "results" is the word "excuses" written in black, but crossed out in red.Why is it so hard to look at why you don’t have? Like any habit, we’ve learned to look at the good or bad, the negative or positive. We can make all the excuses in the world and blame our parents, how we grew up or even just bad luck. I was given up at birth. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. You have to want something more, surround yourself with positive people, have faith when those close to you don’t. Nobody knows what your able to create but you.

Life can be so much more than what it is now. Look at Walt Disney, Jim Carey, Jack Canfield, Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Buffet. The list goes on and on. They all started with nothing. What’s one thing they all had in common? Thinking in the direction of something more, bigger and better.

Adults That Steal

The imagination is a powerful tool. As we mature into adulthood, we hear way too often to stop dreaming and get real. NO, take that dream and follow it. Your intuition talks to you and should be the driving force behind life.

Imagine if you could go back to your childhood, to the dream that you wanted for your life. Who would you be? Just because someone else can’t think beyond what they know doesn’t mean they should steal it from you or that you should let them.

Can you think of a time when you wanted to do something and someone told you, “oh, forget that, you don’t have a degree”? Nonsense! There are thousands of people without a college degree or are drop outs. Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell.

Limitations, doubt or overthinking is not an option. Get out of your head and into solutions. Start thinking from the direction of what you want. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated all leads to depression. This is because you are focused on the now or what was. What if the future is energizing, fun, creative and can make your heart leap?

Creating Measurable Goals

What would be measurable for Bill Gates? Walt Disney? Steve Jobs? When I think of measurable, I think butterflies flying in my stomach. My heart beat on the rise and a glow in my eyes. You know it’s measurable because it makes you a little queasy too. Not only is it measurable, but it means we have progress!

The image shows a woman guiding a horse through the middle of two white barrels.Yarcort Horse Team

At Yarcort, we specialize in helping people to regulate stress and anxiety. No matter the stress or addiction, the team can help pull you forward and build mental muscle from the future.

Wait, are you already thinking riding? Think again. Everything we do is on the ground and interactive. One of our equine partners, Zeus, was walking with a client. Zeus was moving way faster than the client. Why is that? Horses mirror the emotional behaviors of humans. Well of course, this client didn’t realize the stress was over the top. But now she did. When we take verbal communication away, it helps you grow and learn more about yourself even if you thought you knew.

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Written by Crystal Lynn

Edited by Judy Conti

Graphics by Apple Perez