What Happens In The Shower

The image shows a horse being showered off.

The shower is one of the few places where you get to be truly alone with yourself. What do you do with that time? For many, it is a time to think, imagine, and see your dreams without anyone else intruding. For others, it’s a time that ideas pop into your head. It is the one time that a busy adult can imagine anything, and for just a minute, make it true. What if you could have even more of those moments?

The image shows a boy running down a side walk wearing a Superman costume.The Imagination

When you’re a child, you can imagine anything. You play pretend, making yourself a super hero, a parent, a teacher, or even an animal. There are no limits. In those moments, you learn lessons that stay with you for a lifetime. During those critical years, you are told that you can be or do anything. The world is yours, and you can build anything you can dream.

When children reach adolescence, however, they are encouraged to use their imagination less and less. Even though creativity is encouraged in school, it is only encouraged within the realm of the reality teachers and other adults see for you. When you stray beyond that, you are encouraged to stay in the box, and think within your means. Although the people telling us to “think realistically” mean well, they are actually helping us bury a critical part of our identity.

The Secret Imagination within Adults

While most fully grown people put away imagining on a day to day basis, many let their minds create in those quiet times. The shower, for example, is a place where you can freely frolic in your dreams. You can let your mind take hold of ideas, play with them, and see where they could lead. Why don’t we do that in our daily lives?

Effects of not Freeing Your Mind

Stress and anxiety are truly becoming a worldwide epidemic. Thousands of people take medication to mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety on their minds, bodies, and relationships. Others self-medicate, relying on alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other addictions to get them through their difficulties. This problem is absolutely fixable, and it starts with giving yourself even more time to imagine, create, and act. Interested in scoring your stress? Click here!

The image shows a young girl wearing a light blue, purple and pink dress. She is leaning over a wooden wheel barrel in the middle of a grassy field. There are stuffed animals propped up against the wheel barrel beside the young girl.Freeing Your Imagination

You can’t get to where you want to be without visualizing it first. This means that you have to reactivate your inner creator. Silence the voices telling you “no,” and say “yes,” to change.

Humans have an incredible gift for using their potential. Unfortunately, many never take the leap of faith required to do it. To get where you want to be though, you have to think it first. Sit down and imagine your life. In fact, start by doing it in the shower. Where are you now and what gifts do you have? What do you love and want more of? What do you dislike and want less of? If money, qualifications, and time were not a factor, what would you be? What would your life look like? Are you seeing it? That is your imagination. Now, only a leap of faith stands between you and making your dream a reality!

Creating More with Horses

At Yarcort, we believe in the power of our minds because we see it time and time again. We see clients all the time who are stuck, stressed and anxious. Do you know why they are having these feelings? They are living in a life that they didn’t create for themselves.

The image shows a woman hugging a horse's head.Horses are uniquely able to mirror human emotions. They take what we feel on the inside, and reflect it, on the outside for us to see. They allow us to find the things that are holding us back, so that we can reach within our hearts and minds to make a change.

During an exercise at Yarcort, we will ask you to think about what you want. Using obstacles that represent these desires, you will be asked to walk through them with your equine partner. When we finally open up our minds and imagine the life we need, the horse will follow us through the obstacles because we are positive and living by design.

Imagine, Create, Act

While reading this, I hope you’ve been thinking about the way you think in the shower, and why you need to do even more of that kind of thinking. With more imagining comes more creation, and from there, we can act to make the life we truly desire! We can regulate our stress and anxiety, and design our dreams, creating true happiness and inner peace.


To learn more about how Yarcort can help you uncover your imagination so that you can start living by design, visit us on the web.


Written by Crystal Lynn

Edited by Judy Conti

Graphics by Apple Perez