Take Back Your Life With Positive Living For Women

A group of women sitting at a table looking forward at two women standing on each side of a board with writing on it

Are you a woman who wants to feel more comfortable in her own skin? Do you feel like your life is running you, instead of the other way around? Are you constantly overwhelmed, but want a change? If so, Positive Living for Women is the event that will change your life! It begins this September and lasts for three incredible months!

What is Positive Living for Women?

Positive Living for Women is a three-month event beginning this September. It is designed for women only who want to create positive change in their lives. Participants will meet twice per month in the evenings at Yarcort. Together with Gina and Yarcort’s fantastic horses, women will unwind the patterns holding them back, and replace them with positivity and success.

What will I learn?

Positive Living for Women offers you the opportunity to unravel your own personal barriers to positivity, success, and the work/life balance you’ve always dreamed of. You will learn to say “no” when something doesn’t fit with who you are and what you stand for. Conflict resolution will become a breeze, and you will find your self-confidence and sense of inner peace growing at an extraordinary rate.

How exactly will I learn these things?

Using Yarcort’s successful Focus Forward Technique, you will be guided through the patterns that are holding you back, and taught how to combat these patterns with new, positive patterns of thought and behavior. In exercises with Yarcort’s horses, you will learn to see yourself from a new perspective. The horse will act as your mirror, showing you just how negatively these habits have impacted your life. With insight from fellow attendees, Gina herself, and your own sense of self, you will begin refocusing your mind. You will combat issues of self-esteem and self-confidence, while learning new ways to view the world and your life.

After the program.

The techniques you learn during this three month program will help you for a lifetime. You will find yourself to be more willing to do things you previously were to anxious to do. Furthermore, you will see a positive change in your relationships, both personally and professionally. Your new sense of peace and strength will transfer itself to the things and people around you, making your life so much more positive and balanced.

I knew I needed help and I was tired of feeling stuck. Through the program and learning to reorganize thoughts and behaviors through Gina’s technique of Focus Forward™, it was like life came alive again.” Supportive Person

If you want to learn more about this life-changing opportunity, contact Yarcort at (570) 756-3036.


Author: Crystal Lynn