Opportunity of a Lifetime – EAL Certification Course 1st Time Being Offered in the United Kingdom


There are many people practicing Equine Assisted Learning with and without certification. As an expert in the field of EAL, the biggest problem I see is that so many do not understand the facilitation, which I see as the means of transformation.
We all know the value the horse brings to teaching humans, but do we really understand how to facilitate that moment from reflection to transformation? If you don’t, you’re leaving tons of money on the table. What do I mean by that? If you have a thorough understanding of how to get clients to transformation, the clients you desire will seek you out – leading to more clients.
What’s worse is even though the clients walk away with good results if you aren’t able to facilitate them to transformation – actionable steps they can take for different results – they may not come back. It’s a one-time session. Doesn’t that blow our ego? We know this work is so powerful; we know we can help humans around the world; but who can help YOU?
The Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) is an international organization certifying people around the world in EAL. It’s not just about reflection – it’s about transformation. If you want to truly impact humans with EAL then let’s solve the problems with an effective learning style that will change not only the outcomes for your clients but will change outcomes for your business as well.
This certification in the UK is a great opportunity for people from anywhere to take a business trip to the UK to get certified and spend some time touring the UK! The American dollar is worth more over there and what a learning adventure!
If you’re just starting out in EAL or have been certified but just don’t seem to have the results you want, then this is for you. The hands-on learning will transform you provide the opportunity to build a strong bond with colleagues and provide you with the tools to take clients through their transformation. What are you waiting for?
For information on the E3A Certification program visit www.e3assoc.org. If you want to “dip your toe in the water,” join E3A and attend the C1 Introduction to the Equine Experiential Facilitation Method teleclass (classes are scheduled on the E3A “Events” page).
But look, it that’s all too much, let just chat? You can message me on Facebook or email. I am happy to answer your questions. ?

2 comments on “Opportunity of a Lifetime – EAL Certification Course 1st Time Being Offered in the United Kingdom

  1. Sharon on


    is this your baby?
    I’m certified with EAGALA but thinking about retraining. I’m not in a good financial position but very interested in the E3A program.
    Can I confirm I have to join as a member first, then go through the C1,C2, C3 to acquire certification.
    Does this qualify me provide and deliver EAL sessions on my own? How safe is that? Do I need supervision or some sort of mentoring afterwards.


    • yarcort_admin2018 on

      Sharon, I think you an I spoke already but to answer your question yes you would need to join E3A first then do the training. 🙂 Yes this will also qualify you to do EAL Sessions on your own. There is no mentorship but if you need anything we can talk about resources I can help you with. In fact if you didnt already know we have a training that may be even more beneficial to you. Did you see it? Here is the link: http://yarcort.com/equine-facilitated-business-development-training

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