Eliminate Chronic Overthinking for Good


Do you ever find you have difficulty making a decision? Maybe, it’s where to go for lunch? Which shirt goes best with those pants? To post a status update or not? And if the answer is yes to post, what to post? Latte or Chai? You may be an overthinker.
Actually, each and every one of us, at one time or another, is an overthinker. There are times when we all weigh our decisions more seriously than they require, focusing on the tiniest details, and failing to see the overall picture. Overthinking is often a result of our information overloaded brains coupled with our failure to focus on and harness our inner purpose, power, and peace.
When you catch yourself overthinking choices, there are several things you can do to refresh and refocus. Begin with clearing your mind and reminding yourself of your goals, where you want to go in life. If the choice before you – like latte or chai tea – won’t affect the big picture, then don’t sweat it! Another great way to refocus is using the Young Living Essential Oil Clarity™ which blends Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, and other essential oils for an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness.
Now, if you are chronic overthinker, as many of us are, you will need to do some stretching and growing to overcome your overthinking habit. This means you will likely feel awkward or uncomfortable as grow and learn. Keep in mind that the greater the discomfort, the greater the growth you will experience.
Try these steps the next time overthinking plagues your thoughts, refocus and refresh your mind to focus your life’s big picture goals, add Clarity™ Essential Oil to your routine, and don’t let the small stuff trip you up on your pathway to success.

Gina’s #1 Secret to Harnessing Your Purpose, Power, and Peace
Always Focus Forward on what you Truly Want Out of Life
and Take the Next Step
even when you don’t know all the answers.