STOP Back to School Stress


Are you overwhelmed with getting everything your child needs for school and worried that they might not fit in? Many parents are already stressing out about making the transition back to school. Gina Yarrish can help. Odds are, she’ll say, those who are stressed out over back-to-school issues are adult children of parents who were also stressed at that time of the year. What is more, she’ll say, we unconsciously pass those habits on to our children. Let’s stop this intergenerational habits and create new ones.

Well, summer is cooling off. Gardens are getting ready for the end of harvest time. Where I live, there is a 4-H fair in every county. Which boils down to “Back to School” time!
Children and parents looking for the perfect back pack, enough paper and pencils for the A+ grade in lunch, clothes to look cool in or college supplies for those older ones.

Here are some tips to stress less and empower your child to be and do more for themselves which you know creates courage, confidence and peace.
• Ask your children what they need to have or do so the year will be successful. What you think is not what your child is thinking. Be sure to let the child explain.
• What action steps are necessary for above. Remember parents it’s not your actions or what you want, but your child’s actions.

Letting your child think about what they want out of school year, what is needed and what action needs to be taken is empowering to them. When we plant ideas of what we want, we are enabling the child to make decisions because we are not telling them or showing them. If you want to worry less than you need to believe what your child needs is not something you’re going to buy them. It’s allowing them to make good choices or fall down. You let them fall when they were learning to walk. You watched them pick themselves back up and off with a smile they go again. Why now are you doing their walking.

I know what you’re going through. I was there. If you need more assistance there are two action steps you can take.
1. Join me on a journey to be your very best through one of our programs at YarCorte Acres
2. Take a look at Young Living Essential Oils for supporting you. I would recommend oils such as Stress Away and Clarity.

I promise if you just try some of what I mentioned above, life will begin to take a journey you will enjoy. Gina’s advice leads to having courageous, confident and assertive children and happier parents. Gina is the author of the upcoming book “Harness Your Purpose, Power and Peace. Discover the Leader Within You.” and gives popular transformational workshops, some of which involve horses. Reach her at (570) 877-3655 or [email protected]