After being certified by Equine Experiential Education, the challenge was to start a business. Playing with the idea of what can I do to get this knowledge to others. A passion, I needed to share. The journey of experiencing life in a whole new light is what creates any business. Finding purpose is finding your passion.

When we can find our passion, it will shine the light of awareness on what we want to create because purpose has the mentality to attract what you want. Not chasing after what we want. Could there be road blocks? YES of course.

What works in creating what you want starts with a thought. Think of what would you love, then like a blue print, write it down.  Don’t try to find all the answers in the beginning for you will soon realize, it is impossible. You see there is this gap. The gap is the place of where you are and where you want to be. When you look at the gap feelings are overwhelming, self-doubt grips you and will want to hold you back.  You are not alone. Everyone at some point will have obstacles to overcome which all starts with our thoughts. Those very thoughts you have are what you have created.   Everything you dream of is on the other side of the gap.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You have to share a passion with others, who may not understand your desire. The passion to do this work far supersedes giving up. This is why I have written my new book “Harness Your Purpose, Power and Peace.  Discover the Leader Within You”, pluse created YarCorte Acres, started a non-profit group ‘Harness Success Foundation’ working with children and foundation a multi-million dollar real estate empire.

What thought is holding you back? Can you think of what you would want not what is?   Think, now tell me what is the pictures you see? Do you need help?

Don’t feel alone if you can’t see the picture, you are not alone.  This is not an easy task. The picture  takes time to develop. Through support and a structure programs it could easily be the very thing that will change your life

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