Release the Past and Reclaim Your Life



So many times we will let the circumstances of our past judge our future. We even hold on to them, talk about them, repeat them, and reference them continually. We are just reinventing the wheel over and over again instead of moving forward. You have no one to blame for this but yourself. I was guilted too. I let my past define who I was and what did.

I first had to become aware I was doing it. That is shining the light of awareness on old patterns and habits so you can change them. We will never move forward without letting them go. The longer we hold on to them, it will over time effect our health, relationships and careers. I don’t think this is what you want, but we all do it.

Acknowledge the past but don’t bring it to the present or  keep it present like so many do. Gina’s poor decisions as a teen could have distorted the life she has now. Thank goodness that didn’t happen.  Instead Gina learned that was not the lifestyle she desired and had to do something. For Gina, it cost her health, where at 35 was hospitalized already having a heart catheterization. We don’t like to shine light on our poor habits or patterns because the filling is uncomfortable. Gina began to wonder was the feeling of being uncomfortable worse than holding on to the past? If she wanted to change the future, she was going to have to get uncomfortable.  Letting go and reclaiming your life doesn’t come from something outside yourself or circumstances to change, it comes from within you.

A great analogy would be something like: When you are making a yummy treat for yourself of strawberries and cream, you don’t put fresh whipped cream over moldy old strawberries. You will always choose the juiciest and sweetest strawberries you can find.

Take the best lessons from your past: change old patterns and habits with embracing the uncomfortable.  Use positive thoughts as a role model to design your future. You cannot get to where you want to go without first thinking it. Think forward, think positive and creating amazing results. Because really, what is it costing you to hold on to the past?

Gina knows how letting go of the past accelerated her life to where it is today and someone put their hand out to help her. She wants to help you.

 Her Gift, a complimentary 30 minute coaching call to help you release the past. Step forward now, right here and begin today. She believes in you!

“Turn your wounds into Wisdom”: Oprah Winfrey

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