Mind Antivirus


“What Does Negative Thoughts Do to Our Bodies”


Let’s consider for a moment. Our mind is not just a part of our head and brain, but the entire body. For some reason, people don’t connect with the concept.  We know the head is on top of the shoulders but have no idea how the brain effects our whole body.

In today’s world, I often see and hear, individuals breaking themselves down with the following;


  • Drama
  • Judgmental comments
  • Worry
  • Negative thoughts
  • Self- doubt
  • Self- talk

Our minds are precious!  The mind should be guarded like a fortress, more precious than Fort Knox.  The mind needs protection, nutriment, and tender loving care.

Let me give you an example, your mind is a master computer with a hard drive.  We guard our computers against viruses, hacker and spy wear.  What happens when we allow negative input to attack our computer? The computer will slow down, malefaction and crash.  So we do everything to protect our computer.  When computer crashes we can’t take care of business, school work or pleasure.  No Facebook! Right!

Our bodies react the same way as a computer.  When we allow our bodies to be attacked by viruses and negative input.  We slow down, malefaction and can’t focus and other psychical concerns (high blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches and intestinal issues).  We crash.

If we are diabetic, sugar will cause complication including heart disease, stroke and kidney damage.


A laptop computer is run by a source of energy.  That energy is electrical battery. When the laptop start to fail the electrical energy is slowly decreasing.  Compare this to the human body, we are a spiritual being (electrical energy) an Illumining light.  When we think negatively, this reduces our energy. Slowing us down.  Resulting in increases heart rate, blood pressure malefaction, and overtime breaking down our body’s functions.  People wonder why their internal computer (body) is dilating.

The self-talk, worry and doubts drain our systems. Wearing us down like a computer hacker, yet millions of American let it happen.

We are so caught up on in the wheel of life.  The wheel will continue to revolve. We don’t have choice but live. How do we live? That is the question.  Are we holding on to resentment, bitterness and angry or dreaming of a better world as the wheel of life turns. You have a choice. That choice is to live a life in which you design and truly want or by default, you just allow life to happen.

If another words, you are living or dying, which do you prefer?

If you knew, you could have anything you wanted; happiness, peace, joy love and financial freedom.  Would you change your old ways?

Of course you do, we all do!  First, we start with positive thinking.  Positive thoughts improve your heart rate for the good.  Positive thoughts pushes us in an upward and forward spiral movement.  This movement is what we need to achieve our desires.  When we are positive, good things happen in our life. Think an image of what we want, this move us towards our goal.

As when you are planning to protect your computer, you have clean the hard-drive of all virus and spy wear, in advance of applying an antivirus.  Just as you have to clear your mind of the negative thoughts and self-doubt that you have been living with, to assist positive thoughts into change your life.

We have all been on diets in our lifetimes to improve our bodies. You will have to clear out the unhealthy food.  We make strategies to eat right, and exercise muscles.  Our mind are just a muscles which we have to retrain, exercise and re-format with healthy thoughts.

My program will develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Empower yourself with education and coaching to be positive, resolve issues, confidently stand for what you believe in, and see how choices of thinking have consequences   Encourage yourself to create better choices, so that the ultimate goal is to be the best you can be.  With structured support, You can do anything You set your mind too.

By connecting positive thoughts, images and now add emotion to our mind, life begins to improve.