Three Tools to Success


So many ask what do you think is most important in creating success. This is what I’ve discovered. With success you’ve heard people say you need a plan and goals. I totally agree. But so often we may have that and yet there is no success. Why because just like when we plan our vacation how much detail do we have in on that vacation? When we leave, when we return, where we are staying, what where doing and we know what has to be done before and after we return in specific detail.

So then I ask you how much detail do you but into creating successful relationships, successful career, successful health and successful money management?

Exactly, we don’t. I told you I would give you 3 tools. Here they are. 98% of the public will fail without them.

1. Get Specific – Design your life

2. Bridge Success – We cannot get there in one step. Every day we must do something in the direction of what we want regardless of what the tides may feel like, look like or really be. This means stretching into unknown waters. Every day we stretch, we get one day closer. Doesn’t mean we are not afraid or that we don’t have courage. Just breath. Focus on the emotional reward of growth that you will accomplish.

3. Support – It is proven that most will only try 2-3 times on something before they give up or just allow the pattern of habit. If you were confident the gold was just a few more steps away would you not keep going? Fact! Thomas Edison tried of 2000 times before he invented the light bulb. Don’t give up.

No don’t even think about not being able to afford support/coach or mentor. This is just a paradigm. What if you hired one and the results had a huge impact. Would it not have been worth it? So don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you want and the laws of the universe will begin to work with you.

I believe in you! No create the life you’ve always wanted!