Advancing Forward with Confidence

Where does confidence come from? There are many that could say they are confident and think they are yet they are sacred. Some of the most confident looking people are truly afraid,  have high anxiety and are stressed out. This is not confident to me.
Confident comes with knowledge and practice. That doesnt mean confident people are not still afraid. There is a nervousness that is within but when we know we have the knowledge there less anxiety and stress. There may be nervousness in the begin when your transforming but over time this goes away because we learn to embrace it not fear it.
I remember a time I thought I was confident yet I ended up in the hospital at 35 having a heart procedure. I was stressed to the max and my family was feeling the pain as well. I was bring everyone down with me and I couldn’t see it. What was happening was because of everyone else. Wrong! What was happening was because of my thinking and my pride. I didn’t want to admit that then. To come to the awareness is HUGE. It was so huge it altered my life to where it is today. Today I am well balanced mentally, physically and emotionally. One might even say balanced in mind, body, soul.
Where did I go from here. I started to read healthy books like Louise Hay “You can Heal Your Life”. I went on a personal development mission to be better and healthier and what I discovered  started in my head. I had to change the way I thought. Wasn’t easy, was an uphill fight but today life is amazing.
I had to learn to become vulnerable. I had to learn to share where I was at. Yes, there were people along the way that gossiped or judged me but I new better. I new as long as I could keep walking forward I would be in a better place. That I would have the life I truly longed for and I would be helping others as well.
My joy comes when others discover this as well. That they can come to the program and get excited about learning. Get excited about life and what they are doing for themself regardless of what others say.
Did anyone ever tell you that it’s okay if someone talks about you. You know why? Because there looking at your success. I am successful. Their jealous of what you may have but if they but the time, knowledge and practice one has put in to get there that person would be there as well. I feel sorry for those who talk about others and pray for them.
So how do you gain confidence without being bold, strong, or steam rolling over others along the way and have peace. It starts with you and your commitment to be a better person. I am here to support your journey, to hold your hand, to push when necessary and support you where your at. If you really want to change, to be better, to grow, to create success in your career, your relationships, your time/money management, or your health then I encourage you to be brave and take the first step. We are waiting with open arms.
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