What YarCorte Acres Can Do for Kids


Growing up isn’t easy. Especially not today, in a world where everyone is constantly connected by technology–cellphones, computers, tablets, and more. This constant need for connection is something that both drives and stifles modern children. Despite these new technologies, many of the same problems still surface in children, including shyness, an unwillingness to respect authority, and a lack of communication.

If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to raise a child: it’s hard work. In today’s world, monitoring and caring for your children can feel like a full-time job–and you might even have one of those already! With time devoted to your children, your job, and any other duties you have, raising a child properly might feel like an impossibility. What if I could tell you there was a safe space for your child to go in order to help alleviate the pressures they have in their lives in a fun and fulfilling way? The answer is YarCorte Acres.

YarCorte Acres, brainchild of Gina Yarrish, Life Coach and Entrepreneur, is the answer to the question you didn’t even realize you were asking. With a firm foundation in Equine Assisted Learning (or EAL for short), Gina has created a curriculum that focuses on life skills that will help children connect with others, work through any issues that are holding them back, and build the sort of character they need to accomplish the challenges that life might throw at them someday. Give your child the gift of personal development today–you’ll both be glad for the positive changes that will surely follow!