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Young Living Essential Oils  At YarCorte Acres another holistic approach for us is essential Oils. I  found essential oils when after years of sinus infections, medically taken nasal sprays and medicine 3-4 times a day and nothing was helping. I had severe migraines and no answers. I knew there had to be a better way. Essential oils have taken me to a new heighten awareness of what being healthy is. I don’t need medicine anymore. I can’t tell you how many times a year I was at the doctors for medicine. And now not at all and I feel 100%. The oils are all natural, all herbs and easy to use.

They can be inhaled, topically or digested. It is important to know they are 100%. You should always read how each oil can be used. We recently made a batch of horse fly spray and its amazing. Even after getting rained on or washed the oils stay there and we are using way less fly spray then ever. You can also use it on yourself. Its all made of herbs, no chemicals so it great for everyone.

There are so many ways to use the oils. That is just one. We use peppermint for headaches or swelling, clover for a tooth ace, RC (young living) clears any sinus or allergies you may be having. That is just to name a few. You really can’t go wrong. All herbs, all natural.

If you’re having health issues, I encourage you to explore new ideas, be open to possibilities. If you want to know more, call or email us and we are happy to answer any questions.

If you like helping others then you can also sell Young Living Essential Oils and make a career out of it. At YarCorte Acres we are about creating the life you’d love to live. Would you like to be serving others. Send us an email at [email protected] or purchase your first kit and join the community at Young Living.

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