Photonic Health – Red Light Therapy


At YarCorte Acres there are many ways we try to stay healthy and we know how important it is. Taking the holistic approach to health we use Photonic Health Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy has the ability to address physical, mental and emotional issues. This can be used on a living creature of any age. No Medicine! Results immediately.

 This is a LED device that is non-invasive and no side effects. The light operates at 660nm  (no heat/no infrared) and it stimulates acupressure points which in turn increases the healing rate of what you body heals at and with no medicine.

It speeds up the healing process in 4 different ways.

A. Accelerates cellular regeneration and pain relief

B. Relaxes Muscles & fascia

C. Anti-viral effects in the blood

D. Stimulates acupuncture points in the absences of needles.

We use it on our  self, horses, dogs, cat and friends!

We highly recommend it and are happy to show you how it works. A free demo! If your interested in more information or would like to purchase one click here.