Desire change? Where do you begin?


Desire change? Where do you begin?

It begins right here! You are reading this, so it is no coincidence. There is something that caught your attention. You are tired of where your life is, feed up, need a change, or life isn’t what you expected. You want to be different, not sure what your life’s purpose is or life’s pressures have just gotten the best of you.

Wonder how did my life get this way? It first starts in our childhood. What we’ve seen, experienced and choices we made to get us where we are today. If this is what my parents did, then that is why I do what I do. Does it make it right or wrong? We all look at the looking glass different. It is not if it’s right or wrong. What we should be asking is, did I get the results I wanted?

You’re probably asking, why does this happen? We let it happen due to being unaware of a different way. It’s like this, if you were to go and catch a fish and all you have is a nine inch frying pan will you only catch a fish 9 inches or less. Could you fry a larger one? Well of course but can you see beyond the 9 inch pan?

What are your options? Cut the fish up into smaller pieces, use a little at a time, get a larger pan, share with family and friends. We often can’t see beyond the pan but as you can see there are options.

Our life is like a frying pan. Can you see whatever your situation is? You are much bigger than it.

How can I move beyond it to create a new way?

  1. Acknowledging where you are (Good or Bad)
  2. Write it down on paper

If you knew what you could do, what would that look like?

  1. Get support

This is a place to start.