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Our Courses

Gain confidence, change more lives through your services, and create a business and life you love. Our courses are designed to give you all the systems, processes, and experience you need to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend working in your business so you can focus on strategic growth.

Our Signature Courses Include:

Accelerate Your Business Online Course

Accelerate your Business Live

Regulating Stress & Anxiety Workshops

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The Focus Forward Technique™

Yarcort's #1 tool to success is our Focus Forward Technique™. Through Equine (horse) Assisted Learning (EAL), we help entrepreneurs  think beyond what they currently know about themselves and their business. EAL is a unique, hands-on experience that shifts your current mindset from problems, which create stress, to finding solutions and getting results that align with your ideal business.

Benefits Of Working With Us:

Regulate chronic stress & anxiety from the risky nature of running a business

Overcome obstacles with ease & discover opportunities hidden in plain sight

Gain confidence in your ability to serve yourself & others

Improve relationships in your personal life & connect better with clients

Attract your ideal audience by crafting a compelling offer that's irresistible to them & motivates them to TAKE ACTION

Sell with confidence, ease, & joy by shifting your mindset around selling

Increase your rates & generate consistent income so you can scale your team, clients, & profits

Turn clients into raving fans for life, who happily recommend you to others

Achieve the time & financial freedom you've been dreaming of

And most importantly, bring the joy back into running your own business.

Are you ready to get strategic in your business so you can attract new clients and generate consistent revenue, without getting bogged down by stressful day-to-day activities?

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About Yarcort & Gina Yarrish

Gina Yarrish offers entrepreneurs positive thought leadership that helps them create sustainable and scalable companies. She does this by giving them the tools, processes, hands-on learning, and done-for-you courses, so they can step away from the stressful day-to-day activities and focus on strategic growth.

Founder of the Horse Assisted Learning company, Yarcort

Creator of the Focus Forward Technique™

Known by her peers and clients as The Accelerator Coach

Best-selling author, Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace

Skilled in life coaching, Equine (Horse) Experiential education, psychotherapy, and neuroscience

Yarcort is an alternative method to therapy. We're a growing community of Entrepreneurs worldwide on a mission to help regulate stress and anxiety, so that people can live happier and healthier lives.

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Client Testimonials


"Gina has a real talent for pushing you beyond your comfort zone, but in a good way... the horses and the facilities are excellent. Here you have a program at Yarcort that is really needed for those professionals that are certified perhaps but not quite ready or don't have the tools to know how to approach their clients, develop their elevator speech, and it is a very much-needed program." - Marie Claude Stockl, Horse Institute



"[Working with Gina] I received a lot of personal development that goes along with the development of my program. Moving forward, I'm going to be able to apply the confidence I've harnessed here and take that forward into my program development. I was not expecting to be able to be given the space to explore our own stuff that was actually a piece of what was holding back my business development."- Kristin Fitzgerald, Founder of Checkpoint One



"I had already been trained by Gina and that's really what drew me here, knowing who the trainers were. I'm successful in my business and I help a lot of people and I've been doing it for many years so it never occurred to me that I had so many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from being more successful. I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna be a better facilitator, a better practitioner, better at delivering information, helping people. I'm going to be more confident in my ability to do all of this."- Amy Grieco, Founder of Khamrada's Hope LLC at Cockade Stables LLC