Yarcort is an Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) facility that commits to offering nurturing programs for a mix of humans, organizations and facilitators. It is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania on a breathtaking mountaintop where the aura is positively uplifting. The facility houses up to 9 horses with an outdoor and indoor, climate-controlled arena. Additionally, there are comfortable classrooms with one kitchen, a fully equipped restroom and 160 acres for exploration.

At Yarcort, we offer keynotes and workshops to Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Health Organizations. The main goal is to not only help millions learn how to successfully regulate their stress and anxiety. It is to also self-multiply a team of 400 facilitators around the world to assist us in our mission to positively impact human health. Many Equine service providers struggle with having clarity and confidence in their facilitation. Our programs are designed to provide facilitators with the guidance and life application needed to achieve these key components for overall success in their business.

Clients who work with us can expect emotional, and physical support through our use of Life Coaching and Equine-Assisted Learning principles. Our team strives to guide others in the process of passing through, and beyond boundaries that prevent growth. The experience of learning the truth about yourself is connected to focus, and moving forward with force.

What You Can Expect While We Work Together

To Gain Clarity & Confidence

 Build a Positive Mindset

Improved Relationships

Slide by Personal Barriers

Road Map to Inner Peace

Repattern Old Thoughts and Behaviors

Meet Gina

CEO and founder of Yarcort, Gina Yarrish, is a motivational speaker and known as The Accelerator Coach. Gina is a master of life through her hard work as a seasoned Entrepreneur in real estate. She has shared her inspiring battle with trauma during key talks and conferences around the country. Her bestselling book, Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace, shows readers how to design the life that they truly want. Above all, it teaches that regulating stress and anxiety is in fact possible.

Gina launched Yarcort with the vision of it becoming a world-class facility for individuals, groups, and Entrepreneurs. Her skill in life coaching, Equine Experiential education, psychotherapy and neurosciences helps clients experience a powerful transformation. Gina's true passion is to give back to others while encouraging them to forge their own path toward leadership and success. She believes that life should be an adventure where everyone can thrive, and struggle less with stress and anxiety.

The Yarcort Secret: Focus Forward Technique™

Gina has helped thousands of people recognize unseen issues through the use of her Focus Forward Technique™. In addition to Focus Forward, Gina uses her training in Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) to awaken what is really going on in your everyday activities. EAL reflects to you the habits, mindsets, and roadblocks you need to change in order to move forward.

The language of the horse is universal because it’s intuitive. This groundbreaking method of communication opens new understanding and clarity for who you are deep down versus who you want to be. The principles of EAL, and the secrets of what horses can reveal to humans is critical in helping our clients unlock the door to their success.

The Yarcort Approach: Experiential


At Yarcort, we dive deep by providing our clients with an innovative solution to regulate their stress and anxiety. The most powerful way to experience transformation and growth is through experiential learning: The act of doing through new experiences. Whether in the arena with our horses or working with Gina from the comfort of your own home, our philosophy is the same: “How we do one thing is how we do everything.”

Every shift that you make within yourself has a ripple effect. Making these shifts mean that you're not only investing in you. You're investing in improving your relationships with family, friends and even colleagues. You cannot separate these relationships, and “fix” one at a time with superficial solutions like reading books or taking pills. At Yarcort, we give massive value to our clients by encouraging them to invest in themselves, in their future and in their business. The key is to up-level yourself by minimizing any fear or doubt. We want to help you learn how to embrace and regulate these emotions rather than ignore them. This powerful decision to invest in yourself promises to have a positive effect in all areas of life. How can you put a price on that?

Visit our HOW TO WORK WITH US page for more information about programs and services. Let us show you how we can work together to help you build the emotional strength needed for inner peace and happiness.